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Purple Mattress Coupon:

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Purple offers two mattresses that are quite a bit different than the typical mattress you’ll find in a store or online. Both the Purple Mattress and the New Purple use a proprietary buckling column gel (known as ‘Smart Grid’) in the comfort layer. It provides a unique feel that is equally pressure relieving and cool to sleep on.

The Purple Mattress is their original offering and combines the elastic polymer reinforced with buckling column gel above two layers of polyfoam. As a Medium Firm (6.5) feel, the Purple appeals to most shoppers and preferences. It conforms extremely closely to the body’s sensitive points, such as your shoulders and mid-back. We expect this bed to be durable enough to last at least 7 years.

The New Purple mattress, as a hybrid bed, is a favorite here at Tuck. Purple has again made use of their Smart Grid technology in the comfort zone that tops these hybrid mattresses. The New Purple is available in three thicknesses – 11″, 12″, and 13″ – and firmness ranges between Medium Soft (4.5), Medium (5.5), and Medium Firm (6.5) depending on which model you select.

Overall, owner experiences and our own testing shows the New Purple to be of the utmost quality. As you can see below, we have given it many different awards. The Purple original also rates highly, especially at its price point.