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Guest Room Design And Improvements

With a little imagination mixed in with some creative flair, designing a guest room can allow you to step outside of your comfort zone to create a unique yet comfortable sleeping space. Although not used as often as other rooms in your house your guest room should still reflect your own personal style but maintain functionality.

Follow these simple tips to create a room to suit any guest:

Using your Space

Whether working with a small or large room, the use of space is key to creating the maximum in comfort and style. Create areas for each section of the room: sleeping, working and reading. Selecting the right furniture for each area is easy once you have a plan for using the space accordingly. Furniture with additional storage space (chests, side tables with multiple drawers, shelves, etc…) makes it easier for guests to store extra belongings and luggage.

Understanding Colour

Opt for neutral paint colours or for a twist paint one wall a bright colour. Additional colour can be incorporated with vibrant accessories including pillows, throws, lamps and blinds. Even patterned furniture can be used to add a touch of colour. Bored with your colour scheme? Changing a room's accessories makes it easier and more affordable to add colour and spice to any space.

Let the Light In

Purchase lights that add the right atmosphere and make the most out of the space such as wall lights that create a soft and relaxing environment. Select window coverings with the option of "blackout curtains". Beside lamps or ceiling lights with dimming features also allow for adjustable lighting. Using floor lamps is ideal for brightening up the dark corners in any room and they can be plugged in and shifted easily. Guests with different preferences for lighting will appreciate these small gestures.


Each guest has their own preference when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Have duvets, blankets and comforters readily available. Always remember that different guests will have different needs, so keep the bed there with hypoallergenic pillows for those who might need it. You want to know that your guests are getting the best night's rest, so keep your peace of mind by purchasing a quality bed and mattress for them to get the top comfort.

Going Green

With more affordable options out there, becoming green has never been easier. Install wood or bamboo blinds or incorporate hardwood flooring to add that touch of green to your guest's space. Windows are often the reasons that a lot of energy is lost in a room. Try an insulation kit to keep the airflow cool in the summer and keep the cold out in the winter. Always consider ditching the natural fibres for carpeted rooms and don't use adhesives or glues but nail them down.

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