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No one likes junk mail but everyone is disappointed when the mailbox is empty. So come buy something for a friend, today!

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This website allows you for just $12.97 a month to receive free shipping via rebate checks in the mail to cash or deposit into your bank account! Online retailers like: Amazon,, and eBay are included and much more. also allows you to receive 10% cash back rebates and free return shipping via to selected online store.

The only catch is that you have to go through their site or app to the vendor's website before your purchase.

Great site to use while buying your college textbooks!

What is media mail?

You may use media mail for shipping books, CDs, DVD, etc. but not games or magazines. And absolutly no advertisment!

This website allows you to reuse your old shipping boxes and fill them with donations to Goodwill, all for free!

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