Featured Projects

Xenon Systems for Electric Propulsion

Description: Systems engineering and trade studies of xenon refueling concepts, flow control and tankage configurations.

Client: Peerless Technologies Corporation

Status: Initial phase completed.

Depiction of Lunar Gateway Concept (courtesy NASA)

Largest Liquid Hydrogen Dewar: No-Loss Storage & Densification

Description: Design of the largest liquid hydrogen dewar tank in history that will hold 1.25 million gallons of liquid hydrogen. System eliminates boil-off and provides densification capability with an integrated cryogenic refrigeration unit and internal heat exchanger. Storage capacity is 50% greater than the current record holder that supported space shuttle launches for over 39 years. Performed under subcontract to Sierra Lobo and BRPH.

Customer: NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

Status: Design completed and accepted by NASA. Construction scheduled for 2019.

Existing Liquid Hydrogen Dewar Tank at KSC (credts: NASA/Kim Shiflett)