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Engineering Analysis & Modeling Training

In San Diego after teaching engineering analysis and modeling to a Navy SPAWAR group. I've taught this course at over a dozen organizations and to hundreds of engineers and scientists, and consistently receive very enthusiastic feedback and high ratings from participants.

“Good introduction and quick functioning using VBA was enabled by this course”, Michael R. Palis, Hybricon Corporation

“Gave me a lot to work with. Very helpful and hands on. [My favorite parts?]... It was all good”, Dale Folsom, Battelle

“Really enjoyed how much info was passed along in such a short and easily understandable method”, Will Rehlich, Noren Products

“Excellent… Good overview of VBA programming…”, John Yocom, General Dynamics

“Lots of useful information, and a good combination of lecture and hands-on”, Brent Warner, Goddard Space Flight Center

“I’ve been looking for a course like this for years! Matt was very knowledgeable and personable and walked his talk”, James McDonald, Crown Solutions

“Great detail… informative and responsive to questions. Offered lots of useful info to use beyond the class”, Sheleen Spencer, Naval Research Laboratory

"I worked through the course materials of 'Engineering Analysis & Modeling w/Excel/VBA' and would highly recommend it to other engineers.", Maury DuPont, University of Cincinnati

"...the exercises were very easy to understand... followed extremely well after the learning slides that came before them. The instructions were detailed enough to understand, but still left enough leeway for individual learning", Monica Guzik, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

NOAA/NASA Annual Global Analysis & U.S. Energy Flow (DOE LLNL)