Featured Projects

Hydrogen Energy and Renewables Architecture (HyERA)™

Description: Provides energy storage, potable water, and hydrogen fuel production for the emerging hydrogen era. Addresses the variability of wind and solar energy sources and associated challenges for meeting electrical load requirements.

Customers: (multiple)

Status: Proprietary software tools and models created to analyze, design, simulate, and optimize custom systems.

Moran Hydrogen Energy.pdf
Hydrogen Energy and Renewables Architecture (HyERA)™ Overview and Early Software Demo

Energy System Design Tools

Description: Software design tools for thermal, fluid, and energy systems. Verified and validated models that enable rapid assessment of engineering trades for optimizing a baseline design. Capability to drop in existing components and subsystems to model integrated performance. Flexibility to integrate new technologies to explore impact on overall system.

Customers: (multiple)

Status: Under continuous development

Energy Architecture Design Options Example

Energy Harvesting: Microsystems/MEMS

Description: Microsystem technologies for converting low grade waste heat into usable electricity. Intellectual property includes one patent and several trade secrets.

Organizations: (multiple)

Status: Lab scale demonstrations completed

Microscale Regenerative Heat Exchanger (courtesy Polar Thermal Technologies)

Power Cycle Analysis: Stirling, Brayton & Others

Description: Cycle analysis tools for Stirling engines, Brayton heat exchangers, and other cycle systems & components.

Organizations: (multiple)

Status: Used on several programs for system development and design trades