Featured Projects

Avionics Advanced Cooling Module: Stirling Microcooler

Description: Co-investigator on a three year R&D program to develop avionics active cooling technology based on previous patents. Partners included Carnegie Mellon University and Advanced Cooling Technologies.

Customer: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Status: Completed prototype assemblies and performance modeling.

Stirling Microcooler Conceptual Design (courtesy Carnegie Mellon University)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Liquid Oxygen System for PEM or SOFC

Description: Fuel cell power system for an unmanned underwater vehicle with significantly improved performance compared to current battery system. Performed under subcontract to Sierra Lobo.

Customer: Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Status: Created system modeling tools used to build several prototypes culminating in successful sea trial.

UUV Fuel Cell System Model
Initial Prototype (courtesy Sierra Lobo)

Advanced MLI Systems: Thick Multilayer Insulation

Description: Developed MLI software and testing tools capable of up to 300 layers for use with liquid hydrogen and other cryogenic systems. Performed under subcontract to Sierra Lobo.

Customer: US Air Force (USAF)

Status: Created MLI analysis and design software tool used for many years by USAF. Designed a liquid hydrogen calorimeter for performance testing of thick MLI systems that was successfully built and tested (patented and operational) .

MLI Analysis & Design Tool and Liquid Hydrogen Calorimeter Test Rig (courtesy Sierra Lobo)

Solar Orbit Transfer Vehicle: Hydrogen Propulsion & Cryo Storage

Description: Developed a solar orbit transfer vehicle system concept that stored liquid hydrogen propellant and made use of a solar concentrator for both propulsion and to drive a thermoacoustic Stirling heat engine (TASHE). Performed under subcontract to Sierra Lobo.

Customer: US Air Force (USAF)

Status: System design completed and modeling tool created to predict performance as a function of launch vehicle, operational parameters and design trade variables.

System Model for Solar Orbit Transfer Vehicle Concept

Space Based Laser: Cryogenic System Design Tool

Description: Developed reactants system design for a space based laser platform to destroy ballistic missiles in flight. Performed under subcontract to Sierra Lobo.

Customer: Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

Status: Created cryogenic systems design tool that has been modified and used for numerous other projects.

Cryogenic System Design Tool