The Ema and Abba Pages

Ema's Dying Days

Daily updates leading up to her death, May 10 to August 24, 2008

Breakfast with Abba

A journal of some of our weekly breakfasts from 2009 to 2012, plus Liz

Story of a Family

Ema's Hill and On The Corner journals

The Heart of a Girl

Ema's early poems

Such Thoughts of Thee

Poems by Ema, published in 1952

Ema's Travel Journals

Thanks to Dan, who transcribed all six volumes of Ema's travel journals.


Earlier Ema journals

Singing for Ema & Abba

The Michiana Sacred Harp Singers came over to sing for Ema & Abba April 6

I can't help crying...

Ema talking to Matthew, August 4

In the Morning of Joy

Sarah, Dan, and Matthew sing her dad's favorite song, August 10

Bright Morning Stars

This was sung by the family at both Abba's and Ema's Memorials. Sung by the Matthew Quartet