Stressed? Anxious? Depressed?

I'm glad you're here.

Integral coaching is a holistic approach to health that relieves anxiety, reduces stress and alleviates depression.

This can be through mindfulness exercises, relaxation techniques, emotional support, spiritual exploration and most importantly, the power of a strong desire to transform.

We propose that by first differentiating all aspects of a person -body, heart, mind, soul and spirit- the pathway towards integration opens. This process brings back parts of ourselves we have forgotten or disowned, the shadow side of us that can initially be scary, but ultimately contains hidden gifts.

This style "talking cure" is more than words. We explore places in your body that have messages for you, like a constant tension in your chest, or stomach pangs when you think of someone.

Perhaps your heart-strings are attached to people in ways that deserve attention and reconsideration.

We also look at those thoughts that keep circling, those patterns of cognition that trip you up, and even those deep, core beliefs that may no longer be true.

Bringing soul into the conversation is a way of connecting with the larger human experience, seeing ourselves as unique while sharing in the collective.

Spirit is the lens that shows us there is more to the world than meets the eye. Here we examine questions of meaning and purpose.

We invite you to bring all of yourself, facing the unknown, rekindling a connection with those lost parts.

Let's find your way together.

Zen Circle, symbolizing enlightenment, nothingness, and fullness.

Dear well-being seekers & health providers,

Spending time with trees and opening to your intuition are integral parts of a Japanese practice called forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), which involves quietly relaxing under the trees or casually walking through them, which research has found to provide a wide range of health benefits.

Work by Lee et al. (2011) used physiological and psychological measures, including heart rate variability analysis, that indicated a forest environment significantly increased the rest and digest side of the autonomic nervous system, and significantly decreased fight or flight activity of participants compared with the urban environment.

Levels of salivary cortisol, the stress hormone, and pulse rate decreased significantly in the forest setting compared with the city mileu. In psychological tests, forest bathing significantly increased scores of positive feelings and significantly decreased scores of negative feelings.

On that note, my objective is to take this empirical evidence and encourage healers and seekers with anxiety, depression and other mood disorders to build community and get back to mother earth. Be with the trees, listen to intuition and find relief from our mental and emotional maladies, lifestyle ills of the modern age.

With Love,