Workshop on Matroids and
Tropical Combinatorics

Queen Mary University of London

January 9th - 13th 2023


The core of the workshop will consist of three minicourses mainly aimed at PhD students and young researchers. There will also be short research talks by some of the participants, daily exercise sessions, and social activities.


Matroids over partial hyperstructures

Positivity in matroid theory

Lecture notes

Chip-firing, divisors, and matroids


Participant talks

Take a look at the participant talks with abstracts.

Session 1 (Monday)

  • Jerónimo Valencia-Porras: Snake decomposition of lattice path matroids

  • Nick Early: Combinatorics and tropical geometry in particle physics

  • Dante Luber: Flag matroid subdivisions of the regular permutahedron

Session 2 (Tuesday)

  • Victoria Schleis: Linear degenerate tropical flag matroids

  • Mariel Supina: The universal valuation of Coxeter matroids

  • Ben Smith: Complete classes of valuated matroids

Session 3 (Thursday)

  • Tong Jin: Orthogonal matroids over tracts

  • Ulysses Alvarez: Topological spaces associated to matroids over hyperfields

  • Chi Ho Yuen: Filtrations of tope spaces of oriented matroids

Session 4 (Friday)

  • Raul Penaguiao: Computing degrees of Bergman fans in a funny way

  • Kyle Binder: The tropical unipotent fundamental group

  • Victor Wang: Deletion-contraction for a unified laplacian and applications

Session 5 (Friday)

  • Anastasia Nathanson: Putting the volume back into the volume polynomial

  • Robert Angarone: Permutation actions on the Chow ring of a matroid

  • Leonardo Saud Maia Leite: A study about the chain polynomial of the lattice of flats of a matroid


Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop. If you wish to participate, please register using the following form.

Local Information

Venue: The workshop will take place in the Maths Lecture Theatre by the foyer of the School of Mathematical Sciences.

Lunch/dinner options: Here is a list of suggestions for food near Queen Mary.

Conference dinner: We will go for a (self-funded) conference dinner on Tuesday at 6:30pm at the restaurant Ariana.

Local organisers

This workshop is organised by Felipe Rincón as part of the EPSRC grant "Matroids in Tropical Geometry".