Math REU Sites

This page contains a listing of the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs) aimed at mathematics students that will run in the summer of 2019. This list will continue to grow as more sites announce their programs. Please keep visiting for up to date information. The lists will be listed reverse chronologically in the order in which they are made available (i.e., the newest programs will be listed first).

In addition there are many REU sites which are related to mathematics (i.e., use mathematics in various applications) which can be found on another page.

Much of this information overlaps with what can also be found at the NSF maintained list of REU sites and the AMS list or REU summer programs.

Institute for Advanced Study

  • Location: Princeton, NJ
  • Program dates: May 18 - May 24
  • Application deadline: TBA
  • Topics: Geometric measure theory
  • Notes: For women.

NSA summer programs

  • Location: varies with program
  • Program dates: 12 week programs, typically end of May - mid August
  • Application deadline: October 15 (Director's Summer Program); October 31 (other summer programs)
  • Topics: miscellaneous, including cryptography, cyber security
  • Notes: required to be US citizen capable of getting security clearance. Programming experience is desirable.