Math REU Programs

This page contains a listing of the undergraduate math Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs) that will run in the summer of 2018. This list will start growing in mid-October (in the meantime consider applying to one of the NSA Summer Programs), and will continue to grow as more sites announce their programs. Please keep visiting for up to date information.

Much of this information overlaps with what can also be found at the NSF maintained list of REU sites and the AMS list or REU summer programs.

In 2018 the NSF will be testing a common application for some sites which will eventually grow to include all NSF funded sites. (Not all REU sites are NSF funded.)

This site was previously located at, information about REUs that ran during 2015 through 2017 is archived at that site.

Please send any additions or corrections to

US Government summer internships

  • Location: varies
  • Program dates: varies
  • Application deadline: varies, some deadlines as early as October 15
  • Topics: varies, usually related to computation and cyptography.
  • Notes: Limited to US Citizens; most require the ability to be granted security clearance. Directors Summer Program at NSA specifically targets mathematicians.

Emory University

  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Program dates: June 4 - July 13
  • Application deadline: February 15
  • Topics: Elliptic curves and Galois representations, Mock modular and quantum modular forms, Additive Number Theory, Distribution of Primes, Moonshine
  • Notes: Applications handled through