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Seurin Mathieu

Phd in Deep Reinforcement Learning at Sequel (CRIStAL/Inria Lab in Lille - France)

Hi, I'm Mathieu SEURIN

I obtained my P.h.D in 2021 working on Deep Reinforcement Learning. I did a Master's Degree in Machine Learning, Big Data and Knowledge Representation (DAC) at the french Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

I was supervised by Pietquin Olivier (Google Brain) and Preux Phillipe (team SequeL at CRIStAL/INRIA) and the thesis is available here

I'm now looking for a job or Post-Doc in Machine Learning applied to Environmental Science and Climate Change Issues.

Publications (Google scholar)

  • IJCAI'21 : Don't Do What Doesn't Matter : Instrinsic Motivation with Action Usefulness (M. Seurin, F. Strub, P. Preux, O. Pietquin)

  • Interspeech'20 : A Machine of Few Words - Interactive Speaker Recognition with Reinforcement Learning (M. Seurin, F. Strub, P. Preux, O. Pietquin)

  • IJCNN'20 : "I'm sorry Dave, i'm afraid i can't do that" Deep Q-Learning from forbidden action (M. Seurin, P. Preux, O. Pietquin)

  • APDRL'20 : HIGhER : Improving instruction following with Hindsight Generation for Experience Replay (G. Cideron*, M. Seurin*, F. Strub, O. Pietquin)

  • IJCNN'19 : Unsupervised state representation learning with robotic priors: a robustness benchmark (T. Lesort*, M. Seurin*, X. Li, N. Díaz Rodríguez, D. Filliat)

  • ECCV'18 : Visual Reasoning with a Multi-hop FiLM Generator (F. Strub, M. Seurin, E. Perez, H. De Vries, J. Mary, P. Preux, A. Courville, O. Pietquin)

* = Equal Contribution.


[2019] Co-Organizer of Reinforcement Learning Summer School (RLSS) with other SequeL member

[2018] Co-Organizer of the European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning (EWRL) with Matteo Pirotta, Ronan Fruit and Florian Strub


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[10/2019] Sequel Seminar : "I'm Sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that ... I didn't understand" (slides available)

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I also give courses to the Lille3's student in Machine Learning, Python, Data-Processing and Database Management