Mathematics for Big Data


Kickoff Workshop, University of Novi Sad, May 31- June 1, 2017


Optimization, learning, and statistics for Big Data


Joao Xavier, Distributed learning algorithms for Big Data


Alessandra Micheletti, A clustering algorithm for multivariate big data with correlated components


Stefania Bellavia, A Levenberg-Marquardt method for large-scale noisy nonlinear least squares problems


Milan Merkle, Calculation of high-dimensional Tukey median


Dragana Bajovic, Hypothesis testing for stochastic graph processes


Dusan Jakovetic, Distributed optimization methods with randomized agents’ activities


Hanno Gottschalk, Student projects on statistical learning with companies of all sizes


Matti Heilio. Big Models and CUDA

Big Data for communication engineering

key note big data workshop 2017BrankaVucetic.pdf

Branka Vucetic, Next-generation Telecommunication Networks: Carriers and Users of Big Data

Vukobratovic_SENSIBLE Slides.pdf

Dejan Vukobratovic, David Murray, H2020 SENSIBLE project: Big Data Analytics for Intelligent Buildings

Biosense Institute: Data analytics in biosystems and agri-food

Big Data Workshop-BioSense.pdf
Big Data Workshop-Sanja Brdar.pdf

Sanja Brdar, Exploring Microbial World with Clustering Algorithms - Challenges and Perspectives

Big Data Workshop-Predrag Lugonja.pdf

Predrag Lugonja, Satellite Image Processing for Sustainable Agriculture

Big Data Workshop-Oskar Marko.pdf

Oskar Marko, Yield Prediction and Seed Selection using Data Analytics

Big Data Workshop-Marko Panic.pdf

Marko Panic, Hyperspectral Imaging for Fruits and Vegetables Quality Assessment

Data analytics for text and image processing


Stefano Iacus, Sentiment Analysis over Big Data


Aleksandra Pizurica, Sparse Coding and Multimodal Dictionary Learning in Computer Vision

Big Data applications in industry

Industrial case studies


Lara Quijano Sanchez, The BIG CHASE: A decision support system for client acquisition applied to financial networks

Editorial analytics and big data v2.pdf

Content Insights, Ognjen Zelenbabic: Editorial analytics and big data