Spring 2019 videos with steve butler

Calculus review; Cartesian coordinates; distance; spheres. Notes (filled)

Cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Notes (filled)

Vectors; magnitude; unit vectors; midpoint. Notes (filled)

Dot product; angle between vectors; projection; work. Notes (filled)

Cross product; areas; volume. Notes (filled)

Lines; planes; normal vectors; distances. Notes (filled)

Quadric surfaces. Notes (filled)

Parametric curves; motion; derivatives of vector valued functions; tangent lines. Notes (filled)

Integrals of vector functions. Notes (filled)

Arc length; cumulative arc length. Notes (filled)

Decomposing motion; unit tangent; unit normal; unit binormal; osculating plane. Notes (filled)

Curvature. Notes (filled)

Review for Exam 1. Notes (filled)

Functions of several variables; level curves; level surfaces; contour diagrams. Notes (filled)

Limits; continuity. Notes (filled)

Partial derivatives; higher order partial derivatives. Notes (filled)

Differentiability; tangent plane; chain rule; implicit differentiation. Notes (filled)

Gradient; directional derivative. Notes (filled)

Tangent planes; properties of gradient' linear approximation. Notes (filled)

Taylor polynomials for multi-variable functions. Notes (filled)

Optimization; critical points; classification with second partials test. Notes (filled)

Optimization for a closed and bounded region. Notes (filled)

Optimization using method of Lagrange multipliers. Notes (filled)

Review for Exam 2. Notes (filled)

Multivariable integration; iterated integrals over rectangles and regions. Notes (filled)

Changing order of integration. Notes (filled)

Integration in polar coordinates. Notes (filled)

Triple integration in Cartesian coordinates; changing order of integration. Notes (filled)

Geometrical applications of multivariable integration. Notes (filled)

Physics applications of multivariable integration. Notes (filled)

Integration in cylindrical and spherical. Notes (filled)

Jacobian; substitution in multiple integrals. Notes (filled)

Line integrals; work. Notes (filled)

Vector fields; curl; divergence. Notes (filled)

Line integrals of conservative functions. Notes (filled)

Green's Theorem. Notes (filled)

Surface integrals. Notes (filled)

Review for Exam 3. Notes (filled)

More review for Exam 3. (Filled)

Stokes' Theorem. Notes (filled)

Gauss's Divergence Theorem. Notes (filled)

Practice recognizing Stokes and Divergence. Notes (filled)

Review for Final Exam. Notes (filled)