Makeup policies

Quizzes and exams should be taken during the scheduled times. When this is not possible, makeups are given as per departmental policy. The following are the approved reasons for taking a makeup.

  1. Medical situation for the student or medical emergency of family members.
  2. Extra curricular activities as a representative of Iowa State University (for example: sponsored sports, band, etc.).
  3. Armed forces deployment (for example: ROTC, military duty).
  4. Officially mandated legal proceedings (for example: jury duty).
  5. Conflict with religious practices and/or observances.

Requests should be made sufficiently in advance, at least one week, when possible; but we understand that emergencies tend not to give much warning so can also handle requests on shorter notice when appropriate.

Requests must be made prior to the original date and time of the quiz or exam; late requests will usually not be granted. Once you start an exam, you are no longer eligible for a makeup for that exam. If in doubt as to whether you qualify for a makeup, please contact an instructor.

To schedule a makeup quiz or exam fill out and submit the following form.

Makeups are available at either 4:10pm on Friday, or 8:00am on Monday; other times only under limited circumstances.