Fall 2018 videos with steve butler

Rates of change and tangents. Notes

Limits of a function and basics of limits. Notes

One-sided limits. Notes

Continuity. Notes

Limits involving infinity; asymptotes. Notes

More practice with limits. Notes

Even more practice with limits.

Tangents and derivatives at a point. Notes

Derivative as a function. Notes

Differentiation rules. Notes

More practice with differentiation rules. Notes

Derivative as a rate of change. Notes

Derivative of trigonometric functions. Notes

More practice with using derivatives. Notes

Chain rule. Notes

More practice with the chain rule. Notes

Review for Exam 1. Notes

Implicit differentiation. Notes

Derivatives of inverse functions and logarithms. Notes

Inverse trigonometric functions. Notes

Related rates. Notes

More related rates practice.

Linearization and differentials. Notes

Extreme values. Notes

Mean value theorem. Notes

Monotonicity; first derivative test. Notes

Concavity; second derivative test. Notes

L'Hospital's rule. Notes

Optimization. Notes

More practice with optimization. Notes

Newton's method. Notes

Review for Exam 2. Notes

Antiderivatives. Notes

Areas and Riemann sums. Notes

Sum notation and limits of sums. Notes

Definite integrals. Notes

Fundamental theorem of calculus. Notes

Indefinite integrals and substitution. Notes

Definite integrals and substitutions; area. Notes

Review for Exam 3. Notes

Separable differential equations. Notes

Logarithm as an integral; hyperbolic functions. Notes

Overview. Notes

Review for the Final. Notes (filled)