Recitation format

Recitations are a way to assess understanding (quizzes), resolve confusion, develop problem solving skills, and review performance (post-exam discussions). The format for recitation will be as follows:

    • Week 1: First 35 minutes will serve as introduction and review of material needed to know to perform well in the course (for examples, problems from the problem bank). Last 15 minutes will be a quiz.
    • Weeks 2-6,8-11,13-14: First 15 minutes will be a quiz. The remaining time will be spent working on related problems or other related activities to improve understanding for the material covered in the previous week.
    • Weeks 7,12,15: Discuss the exam from the previous week, including how to approach solving similar problems in the future and common mistakes.

Problem banks

The following contain the problem banks for each week from which the quiz questions will be drawn. In addition there is usually a collection of related problems which come from previous exams and reviews. While you are not expected to work all of the related problems, if you want to do well in the course, then you should be able to know how to answer these problems.

    • Week 1 -- Review material
    • Week 2 -- Rate of change; limits and one-sided limits
    • Week 3 -- Continuity; asymptotes
    • Week 4 -- Tangent lines; derivative at a point; derivative as a function
    • Week 5 -- Differentiation rules; derivative as rate of change
    • Week 6 -- Properties of differentiation; derivatives of trigonometric functions; chain rule
    • Week 8 -- Implicit differentiation; derivative of inverses; logarithmic differentiation; inverse trigonometric functions
    • Week 9 -- Related rates; linearization; critical points; absolute max and min
    • Week 10 -- Mean value theorem; increasing/decreasing; inflection points; first and second derivative tests
    • Week 11 -- L'Hospital; Newton's method; optimization problems
    • Week 13-- Antiderivatives; Riemann sums
    • Week 14 -- Properties of integrals; symmetry; using geometry; substitution; average value; fundamental theorem of calculus
    • (*)Week 15 -- Separable differential equations

(*) = This topic is from dead week and not on a quiz; however it might (in the most definitely will sense) appear on the final.

Quiz grading guidelines

Each problem on the quiz will be graded out of five points with the following general guideline (no half points will be rewarded):

    • 5 points = completely correct; all intermediate work shown; all notation used correctly.
    • 4 points = correct; most intermediate work shown; notation mostly correct.
    • 3 points = correct idea; some intermediate work shown; going in the right way but only about half way to a full answer.
    • 2 points = correct understanding of the nature of the problem and the initial step given (perhaps not completely correctly).
    • 1 point = correctly identify correct technique to be used, but cannot get the problem started.
    • 0 points = answer given with completely wrong or missing supporting work; unanswered; work given irrelevant to the problem.