Group Homework

Group homeworks can be done in groups of up to five people (smaller groups are OK); larger groups are allowed to discuss and work through the process together but then break up into small groups as needed to turn in the assignment. Dialogue is strongly encouraged within the groups (this being the main goal of group work).

Group members do not need to be from the same section; and groups do not need to stay together for different assignments (in other words you can change groups every time). Only one member of the group will turn in the assignment (with all names of the group members as well as corresponding sections listed); and it will be returned to a designated member. All members of the group will receive the same grade on the assignment.

Assignments may be turned in during recitation in the week before it is due, or by taking it to Carver 396. No late assignments will be accepted.

The assignments will be available one week before they are due.

Group homework 3 (due October 12)

Group homework 4 (due October 26)

Group homework 5 (due November 16)