Matador Media

Matador (pseudonym) is a doctoral student focusing on Cultural Studies. Their primary research area is popular culture in digital spaces, particularly internet and gaming communities. They hold additional expertise in instructional technology as well as narrative and existential therapies. A proper resume / curriculum vitae is available upon request. Contact via

The Scholar

Academic Authorship

  • Video Game Modding as a Communal Interpretation of Meaning
  • The Cybermen in Doctor Who as Embodiments of Technological Fears: Comparisons Across 50 Years
  • Reinforcement and Disruption of Hegemonic Masculine Ideals in World of Warcraft Avatars
  • Thrift Store Hipsters and Cosplaying the White Working Class
  • Analysis of Gendered Marketing Strategy for Axe Brand of Male Grooming Products
  • The Queering of Heteronormative Masculinity through the Character Captain Jack Harkness
  • The Gamification of Spectatorship in Heroes of the Storm eSports
  • Multimodal Play Cultures of Toys-to-Life Properties

Professional Presentations

  • Student Blogs for Distance Learning Classes
  • Implementation of Android-Based Tablets in the Undergraduate Technical Writing Classroom

A.A. & B.A. Psychology


M.A. Counseling

Higher Education

M.Ed. Education

Instructional Technology

Ph.D. English (ABD)

Technology & Media Studies

The Content Creator

This YouTube playlist focuses on analyzing choices in popular media.

Sample: Better Call Saul Theories

This YouTube playlist frames public debates with academic knowledge.

Sample: Student Loan Forgiveness

This YouTube playlist features recorded play sessions and discussions of games.

Sample: PVP in WoW Classic

The Gamer

30 Year Mario Veteran

15 Year Warcraft Veteran

2 Year VR Noob

Gaming Experience

    • Nintendo (NES)
    • Super Nintendo
    • Nintendo 64
    • Game Boy Advance
    • Nintendo Wii
    • Nintendo Wii U
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Atari 7800
    • Sega Genesis
    • Sega Game Gear
    • Sega Dreamcast
    • Sony PlayStation
    • Sony PlayStation 2
    • Microsoft PC (DOS)
    • Microsoft PC (Windows)

The Commentator

Used for posting to specific subreddits and laughing at the dank memes.

Used for message boards primarily focusing on video games and media.

Used for discussing entertainment media and making casual banter on the web.