Team of Highly Incompetent Courageous Casuals (THICC)

Who are we?

We're a...god awful Overwatch team with some hope. While most of us consist of core Overwatch players from MemeTeam, some of us are unavailable. So, I threw together this team of extended friends, random skills, and half noobs. Please carry us?

Upcoming Events

  • Overwatch Contenders Qualifications

*Stream will be delayed at least 3 minutes per the tournament rules.



Flex members are well rounded. They understand every class and hero, and are very flexible in choosing whats necessary for the team.

  • Mastufaqu
  • ScaleKing


DPS stands for "Damage Per Second." While not necessarily a class, it represents heroes that can deal high amounts of damage per second. Usually the Overwatch Offense class represents DPS.

  • ShiroiKokoro


Tanks are what help sustain a team. They are heroes with limited movement but steady damage and massive health, making them hard to kill.

  • CrystalPepsi


Support helps keep the team alive. They heal the team to help keep them on the field.

  • DarkLink
  • jmaildotcom


In the event that one of our core members cannot enter the match, a substitute fills in for them.

  • Ranger51
  • Bagel
  • rodneyxr