What th e heCK?

Where am I?

You're in my team page. Well....kinda? I mean yes, its a website dedicated to "teams" I captain. I guess the quotes explain a lot. A lot of us are just normal, casual gamers. Honestly....we suck. Kinda. Don't expect us to be pros (as much as we wish!) We just love playing video games together, and sometimes competitions are fun even if theres no hope!

Who the captain?



Mastufaqu. Or you can mispronounce it as "Mustafa" but please don't. It's "Mahstoo-fahkoo", and it doesn't mean anything. Its actually a mispelling of my actual name, Matthew, from a broken rotary-style coin press machine. It was at Winchester Mansion when I was younger on a trip, and I have been using it as a username since.

I don't care about you, just show me the teams!

Then click on ahead! Above? The page hyperlinks are above...how the hell do I use Google Sites?