Hello, We are Masters interactive.

We are Masters in Developing Games.

Dedicated 3D Games development & Game Testing company| Virtual Reality App Development. The goal of Masters Interactive services is to provide cost effectively services of games and application development, Quality Assurance services and Virtual Reality Apps. We identify and communicate as many potential problems with the games and application as possible and iterate it until the expected quality is achieved. This goal is consistent with the goal of our client’s satisfaction to provide high quality games and apps that are free of errors. We determine whether the system we develop and test meets all technical specifications and design requirements. This adds value in terms of quality in games and applications making it more reliable.

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Crucible Trails: Initial Rupture


Crucible Trails : Initial Rupture is the first installment of Crucible Universe set in medieval times. A 3rd Person Action Adventure Game with a concise story. Player is given an opportunity to follow the trails of ‘Noah’ the protagonist.

Game is available on steam store