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How do I choose the menu for my wedding

The menu for your wedding is one of the most entertaining, but also demanding points of the organization. First of all, the bride and groom must make their wishes known and find the caterer that best meets their requirements. Consider the structure of the menu, but also the type of dishes. Then the best thing is: a tasting of the options. Affordable Portland Catering, Create A Custom Catering Menu & Make Your Event Unforgettable...

Times have changed and there is no longer one version of the menu for the wedding. This ensures that arranging it is more work, but it is also a lot more dynamic. At the moment things like special menus are due to allergies (lactose- and gluten free ...) or because of religious (for example, no pork) or idealistic (vegetarian or vegan) points of view around the corner. There are also new concepts such as drinks, buffets or menus with fewer courses.

Everything is good, so pay attention to the details and choose your menu for your wedding in 5 steps.

Step 1. Offer different drinks

If you take into account that the wedding season begins in May and that most weddings take place in the spring and summer, you know that most guests would opt for a refreshing drink (Read here how to make the drinks on six original ways can present at your wedding). At the reception you should therefore provide your guests with three main drinks: beer, wine and soft drinks. Even though there is much more you can choose from. If you want more choice and perhaps something healthy, you can offer iced tea, freshly squeezed fruit juice or smoothies. These are refreshing alternatives that, in the case of the last two, also consist of 100% natural ingredients. You can also offer drinks such as sangría (red wine, white wine or champagne), tinto de verano or cocktails. The most important thing is that you quench your guests' thirst, but offering alternatives and making a good impression is no less important. After all, a drink is the first gastronomic detail you encounter Invitational, then they must of course get the best of the best. (Check out the best drinks caterers in the Oregon!).

Serve with your feast a selection of wines, beers, soft drinks and alternatives such as cocktails for guests who want something gewaagders. For the party you make sure you have an extensive selection of alcoholic drinks, where the well-known and most common mixes should not be missed. Also think about surprises at planned times. Dare to take risks with innovations such as molecular cocktails . You will leave your guests amazed.

Step 2. Arrange the perfect reception

The reception is one of the most interesting moments of the wedding. The guests get talking to each other and of course they do the easiest with a drink and a nice bite in hand. This is the time to show how your day will look in the gastronomic field. Make sure it does not take too long, there is still a whole menu on the schedule, but do not be too frugal. Your guests should be eager to have more culinary surprises and fun conversations.

The most important thing is that you are original . Experiment with new products or ingredients that we just forget meaning, fusion or special presentation methods. Your guest can certainly appreciate it and you create an unforgettable memory.

Also use the influence of other countries to break the fixed menu. Sushi has already conquered many hearts at weddings. So choose tempura, Mexican snacks , Arabic influences, small Peruvian snacks like ceviche or pinchos with the best Argentinian meat , mini-burgers with tasty sauces ... The world cuisine has a palette of colors and flavors that you can play extensively with. The chef's fantasy is the only limit in this area.

Go for, as we have said before, unique and other presentations. Use spoons, chopsticks, shells and different dishes, make sure the guests use their hands and arrange sauce for new sensations ...

Do not forget the healthy snacks and food for the allergy sufferers. Offer vegan options such as hummus, tapenade, vegan sushi or hamburgers, salad and cold soups as gazpacho. You can also renew on the other side with the arrangement of different 'corners' where you can get different types of snacks: seafood, cocktails, salads, appetizers, fast food, Spanish and Italian ham, various cheeses ...

Step 3. Starter

Today it is advisable to inform your guests about the different ingredients that are used for the dishes. Allergens are increasingly on menus in the better restaurants and that information should not be missing for your guests. In addition, the alternatives that you offer to vegetarians or allergy sufferers must be of the same high quality as the 'standard' menu.

For weddings in autumn or winter , the starter is used to offer something warm. A tasty hot soup is perfect to warm up your body for the rest of the dishes. Use vegetables and seafood to give your appetizer a little more body and appearance.

Go for a cold dish in the summer : you can use it in the starter by serving cold soup or cream, but you can also use more special products. Think of a cold salad with pheasant or lobster, a cream of zucchini, mushroom or carrot, carpaccio or tartar of salmon or tuna. Choose a classic gazpacho or a variation with strawberries and raspberries ... There are thousands of options for the summer: tasty and refreshing!

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Step 4. Main course (and intermediate course)

In the case that the menu consists of only one main dish, a sorbet or spoom is eaten before serving to neutralize the taste. A traditional sorbet consists of lemon and champagne or cava, but there are also variants with mandarin, mango, forest fruits or mojito. If there is a main and an intermediate dish on the menu, the sorbet is served between the main and the main course, so that the flavors of the two dishes do not get in each other's way.

Then it is time for the main course. In recent years it has become a less heavy dish due to the longer receptions, the extension of the dessert and the fact that during the party many small snacks are usually served. Often you can choose between meat or fish and there is usually also a vegetarian or vegan option for those who want it (this has also become important in the past year).

If you choose meat, red meat is the most used, but poultry is used more and more because it is both healthy and tasteful. When you consider that there are more and more meals at a wedding, it is certainly not a bad alternative. Duck is also an option that is gaining ground. We recommend serving the meat with sweet keys to generate a contrast. Do not forget the details on the plate: second sauces or surprise elements (fruit, flowers, eucalyptus ...).

They are all presented in different ways with different garnishments. Some go for the traditional way, but it can also be fresh and innovative: sauces, tempura or sautéed vegetables, potatoes prepared in various ways, fruit or a preparation with exotic products such as dates or herbs and spices. The most important thing is to play with textures, flavors and scents to create unique sensations.

Naturally, you should not forget an alternative for your vegan guests or guests with allergies . Seitan with a cream of potatoes, vegetarian risotto or vegetable dumplings are options that are often used at weddings with vegan participants.

If an intermediate dish is chosen , something that we see less and less often, we can opt for a combination of the alternatives mentioned above. That way you can put together a menu with a meat and fish dish or multiple vengeance if necessary.

Master Catering Pros
Master Catering Pros

Step 5. Dessert and surprise

The final dish of the menu must be an unrivaled work, especially in the current time when experimentation and fusion are 'hot'. Nowadays gastronomy is an art in itself and desserts offer more and more possibilities for innovation.

Today, the wedding cake is not the only option for a dessert. There are even desserts that go well with the cake: think of skewers of fruit or ice cream in different flavors. You will also find more and more small desserts like cupcakes, macarons or sweets at various places in the room or garden. Go with a candy bar at your wedding!

When it comes to the cake, there are many possibilities. Of course there is the classic cake with white fondant, but you can also opt for the naked cake that has a vintage look, shows the filling and is decorated with fruit and flowers. How about a swirl layer cake where different colors form a spectacle like on a painting. Then of course there is also one of the most elegant options: the ruffle. A cake that plays with wavy lines. For this too, there can be taken into account vegans and / or people with allergies. (Check out the best vegan cakes from the Netherlands!) Did you know that more and more couples choose a fake cake? A cake without filling that is only there to complete the ritual of cutting the cake. Of course there is another delicious dessert for the guests.

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