Werkt het?

Yesterday’s marathon was better than I could have ever imagined. I am as happy as I would be with a new PB. My time: 3h28’25”.

I had a very tough training cycle for this marathon, with many ups and downs (more downs than ups, though) since the beginning. I had pain that kept coming and going. Because of that I had to skip a couple of weeks of training. Not the ideal preparation for a marathon. It was not easy and I thought many times about giving up. However, I wasn’t gonna run London just for me, I was also doing that to support a great charity. I went to doctors, a physiotherapist and a massage therapist to get rid of the pain. Physio was very important, but all the sportive massages were crucial to help me to do my training, especially the long runs. I surely couldn’t have done this marathon without those many hours suffering with the miofascial release and massages done by Massage De Loper (Wouter). I got this well to the finish line yesterday because you did such a good job. Thanks a lot!!! You are a great sportive massage therapist!

Karina - marathonloopster

Wel Wouter, het was een gigantisch verschil. Maanden geleden dat de benen zo goed voelden!

Dirk van de Vlierbeekriders

Het was een superkoers! Goed gevoel, soepele benen en plezant!

Katie van Wielerteam Keukens Redant

Mijn quads kregen tough love!

Gilles van de Vlierbeekriders

Ik wou toch nog even laten weten dat m'n rug nu al veel beter is.

Dominique (Motard)