Becca Fritschle is the creator of Little Green Bees Apiary, Honey Farm and the Gulf Coast Beekeeping School

When I am not in the massage office, one can find me assisting Becca in one of our apiaries or bee wrangling some wild honeybees.

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Introducing small-batch Beeswax Balms, Salves, and Soaps

These artisan products are built of beeswax and love with all natural ingredients:

"Fire Balm" Arnica Cayenne Fire Balm

Bee Butter for Sore Muscles and Achy Joints

Arnica Cayene and Menthol combined for a soothing synergistic & healing effect.

Magnesium Body Butter

Trans-dermal Magnesium is great for soothing muscle cramps and tired hands and feet, just where you need.

Magnesium Oil, Olive Oil Cocoa Butter Beewax (available with Essential Oil blends and Unscented).

Artisan Essential Oil Soaps

Clean your dirty paws with the best beewax soaps on the planet

Each batch is a work of art. There's no set recipe for our soaps. But, each batch is made with integrity, quality, love, and some grit to scrub away the dirt & germs.

Some of these are available at my N 9th Ave. massage studio or for order online at our Little Green Bees Etsy Shop: www. Little Green Bees/ Etsy