Weekly Blog

Blog Four | March 15-April 2

Happy (almost) Easter. In a recent update with the school, we will now be going back full time by the end of this month, which is really exciting due to the fact that we will have more lab time and the students that haven't had a chance to go back in (including me) will get to see the lab for the first time in a while. You are probably wondering what is pictured to the left. It is a toilet paper phone holder. Nowadays, almost nobody goes to the toilet without their phone at hand, lest you get stuck reading and rereading the label on that shampoo bottle. The problem with this habit is that there’s almost always no place to put away your phone when you need your hands free to do your business. This toilet paper integrated with a platform for your phone solves this problem. You can mount it on the wall of your restroom using double-sided adhesives or drill a few screw holes to hold it in place more permanently.

Blog Three | March 1-March 14

The shirt design has been going well, and we finally decided on a design. I'm excited to start producing them, and I hope that orders will start flowing in. I have also been working on my next design, which is engraving the Spotify song codes onto someone's arm. They would have their favorite song on their arm, and be able to play it from anywhere. It may be easier to actually look the song up, but this could also have people put their custom albums on it as well, not just limited to songs. It has been done before, but I hope to make it more profitable and of better quality.

Blog Two | February 15-February 28

Over the past few weeks, I have gotten really into bleach Tie-Dye. While that is interesting to create, and no one shirt being the same, it doesn't use any of the machines we have in the lab. I was thinking more about how I can implement one. Then I realized that I could use either the silkscreen or the vinal press to put an image on the shirt. For the shirt pictured to the side, I am most likely going to put a heart on it where the spiral has its midpoint. Other designs I am still thinking of, but that is what I have so far. I hope to have the first one for sale soon!

Blog One | February 1-February 14

It has been a while since I have written a blog, so it is nice to be back. Currently, I am working on a few things. I have a few of my sticker designs, as well as a new mask that I am working on. This one is lighter and will take less time to print, and will also cost less to sell. This one is also a lot easier to wear, as it is more lightweight and fits your face a lot more comfortably. I have not printed it yet but will have more pictures when it is printed. I am also working on designs for the soldier project for the winning teams. I can't wait to start selling things, we are very close to having our products ready.

December 14-December 18

The last week of blogs before the new year. Finally, we can put 2020 behind us. Even though this year was extremely hard, DTech gave me something to look forward to. No big news this week, just working on getting things done. I am also working on a car sticker pack, this one is my favorite so far. It's not finalized, more just a concept of what I want to do. I hope to design more in the next year.

December 7-December 13

This week has been somewhat slow, but also exciting knowing break is coming up. I haven't been able to get to the Lab yet, but I am trying my best to allow time for that. One member of our house is an Intern and is setting up our Shopify page, which is exciting knowing that we will be able to start selling things soon. I have been working on my own 3D designs, and I made a mask. Though probably not COVID safe, it still looks amazing with the filament I used. Maybe it could be sold as a limited run?

November 30-December 6

Merry Christmas "Month". December is when I consider it to be Christmas. Not the day after Thanksgiving. Anyway, about DTech. We were given some bad news as we were pushed into Purple Tier. If you don't know what that is (where have you been) it indicates that the virus is widespread in the county with more than seven cases per 100,000 residents or more than 8% of tests results reported positive over seven days. What that means is that access to the lab is very limited. Less people are able to go into the lab, and less work can be done. Since I don't have a picture from the lab, here is a picture of our logo engraved into acrylic that was done very recently.

November 16-November 24

As more time goes on, Interstellar is finding more products to sell and create. Are one bottleneck is having machines to produce them on. However, we finally got our 3D printer in, so we will be able to start utilizing that. We are unsure how the lab is going to continue, but the work in the lab is going very well. Thing are being made and work is being done, which is way better than being locked indoors all day. Hopefully I will have time to go in soon.

November 9-November 15

This week on the 15th we had our first successful day back on campus. I myself was unavailable to go but members of Interstellar along with other classmates were able to go and it was a good "first" day. We are starting to design products to sell, and right now we are pushing mask clips. I think my product that I made could also sell well, but I haven't talked to much about selling that. I hope to go into the classroom soon, I want to use the CNC for a project I have been wanting to do. I hope that we are able to start selling our products soon, as it is getting later in the year.

November 2-November 8

This week has pretty uneventful for our team Interstellar. We finalized on a new logo because we decided that our old logo wasn't good enough for us. The logo is to the left. We completely changed the design, and I think that the new design looks a lot more professional and also more pleasing to the eye. We found out that we may be allowed on campus soon , and use the machines available in the classroom. I'm not sure how that will look, but I am looking forward to that happening. We are deciding as a team products that we will be selling, hopefully we get that up and running soon.

October 19-October 23

This week I finalized my product for the business BREATHE WELL. Of course, it is on a loyalty free image, but I also have a 3D printed version of it as well. I thought it looked more professional on a professional looking person.

As far as testing goes, the insert works really well. It is comfortable to wear, and most of the time you can't even feel that you are wearing it. Masks no longer fog up when you have the insert in as well. With safety, I have no way to properly test that. However, based on observation, the mask still fits on the face around the edges of the mask, not allowing an increased flow in and out of the mask. I even got a custom domain for the company, breathewell.online. I plan to make changes and finalize it over the break and maybe sell inserts off it.

October 12-October 18

This week we are making a product aside from DTech to better off the world in COVID state. One thing that came to mind was how uncomfortable masks were because they are pressed up against your face. My idea is to make a mask insert that spaces your mask from your face without compromising the safety of the mask.

I have a company logo and name thought out. The logo is on the left. The triangle represents the mask spacer. It's minimalistic and I enjoy looking at it, simple yet conveys meaning. The name BREATHE WELL is pretty self explanatory, Breathe Easy didn't sound as good. I think with the name and a good product this company would be decently successful.

October 5-October 11

These past few weeks we have been learning about small businesses and what gives them the "Special Sause". We also need to learn how to implement these into our own business, with both DTech and a product we will be making on our own. Products need to be able to stand out for people to buy them, they won't just buy a bland product.

I have been pumping out more prints on my 3D printer, it's nice to see the quality improve with the upgrades that I do. I printed another hand, this time a vase for my mom. I got some multicolored filament, which you can see in the image.

September 21-September 27

We finally got group photos for our DTech team, which was a huge must. It was a little bit hard because we all had to be socially distanced, but we managed. Currently in class we are learning about business start ups, and desires for a product. Our team doesn't have "that product" but we are brainstorming on what people would want and what would sell well.

I made some more upgrades on my 3D printer. I added Bl Touch (Bed Level Touch) which automatically levels the bed on my 3D printer, which did not come stock. It was hard to add, because I had to flash the firmware of the printer but it was all in Chinese, but I was able to figure it out and get it working. I know that having a 3D printer will be essential in creating and selling products.

September 15-September 20

Not a lot happened on the DTech front this week, it was a slow week with not a lot going on. However, Imperium is working on designing a new logo. Our old one was not professionally created and lacked a lot of key features big businesses have. We are still deciding whether to do a complete redesign or just do a touch up on our old one.

As far as other things go, we are also going to be updating our pictures for our team. As of right now we are going to be doing a lot of clean up work and making things better.

September 8-September 13

Fortuna has merged with Interstellar. This is a huge relief. We went from a team of 3 not knowing what we were going to do with ourselves to a team of 6. We as Interstellar are a lot stronger as 6 and we now have ideas of how we are going to move on. As far as plans go, we want to start on the 3D printer and make products out of that. Maybe start with molds, or make vases to sell.

Speaking of 3D printers, I got mine up and running again. The belts were to tight and the Z axes was to low, so it was dragging all over the place. For some reason I'm obsessed with hands. I printed another hand to charge my phone. I don't know why I 3D print hands, but they are very good at holding things. My next step is wire all the lights I have on it so I can see.

His name is Walter, the Swan's name is Wilbur.

August 31-September 6

This was the first week back to Dtech. It was a weird experience as all of it was done online. We learned about the importance of small businesses in a presentation during class, and that really stuck out as we are going to be essentially small businesses this year in Entrepreneurship. There are some issues with Fortuna, the team is going through a hardship. Some members want to split off where others son't know where they stand. This is worrisome in the beginning of the year, hopefully this will be resolved swiftly and as soon as possible.

I have also been doing some personal work as well. Over the extended summer I was able to get a 3D printer. I have been spitting out objects for around my room and around the house. Pictured on the left is a failed 3D print, proof that not everything goes well with cheap 3D printers. One of the main issues is that I'm having problems with it extruding, and I hope to fix that soon. I might buy some upgrades for it as well.