Masonic Light Group

This beautiful logo was created for the Masonic Light Group in 2005 by Drew Horn, owner of the Master's Jewel website.

March 2019

Welcome to the Masonic Light Group website! "Masonic Light", or ML for short, is a free Email based discussion group I started on the May 8th 2000 with eGroups, now YahooGroups. Its purpose is to provide a place where all open-minded Freemasons, both men and women from around the globe, who belong to any Masonic jurisdiction or obedience, can freely discuss Masonic topics in a respectful forum. No Freemason is considered clandestine here! We discuss Masonic origins, philosophy, roots, influences, history and much more in this non-tyled setting. Our goal is to get members to think and to re-think about the different aspects of the Craft and its associated topics. Here you will find members who are willing and able to discuss the gamut of Masonic topics, from esoteric to the exoteric. Out of respect for our oaths and obligations, no signs, grips, tokens or passwords for any degrees are discussed in that context.

If you are a seeker of light, then you'll feel right at home here where there is practically no limit to the topics we cover. Masonic history, ritual, symbolism, esoterica, philosophy, spirituality, philanthropy, current events, Liberal Arts and Sciences and more. You name it, and we’re eager to learn about it.

We are equally interested in how your local Masonry operates. We welcome discussions for candidate instruction, education programs, unique events and more. Tell us about "your" Freemasonry!

Here there is no rank or seniority; we meet upon the Level, act by the Plumb and part on the Square. You will conduct yourself in a courteous, fraternal and professional manner at all times. If you object to "mainstream" Masonry, Prince Hall Masonry, Co-Masonry, Masonry for Women or any other Masonic body that your own jurisdiction may or may not recognize, then ML is not the group for you.

After a number of "slow" years on the group, we are looking forward to get back to "work".

Are you a Freemason and interested in joining our discussion group? Click HERE to join!