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About me:

Hey! My name is Mary Finn, I'm 17 and I am a photographer based in Dallas/Fort Worth. I mostly shoot portraits but I love all kinds of photography especially concert photography. I like to keep things simple and easy going, so don't be afraid to tell me exactly what you want, or if you don't like something, I won't be offended! My priority is your happiness with the pictures!

Some fun facts about me: Finn is a shortening of my middle name, I have two dogs one tiny and one big, I'm pretty extroverted, I love to shoot in natural light, and I am always up for experimental and stylistic shoots!

I've had someones camera in my hand basically since birth, but I really started photography around 3 years ago. I am currently in an advanced photography class and just trying to put what I learn to work and do my best to show Gods glory with the talent that He gave me! Feel free to browse my portfolio above and contact me if you want to shoot!

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Want to shoot?

You can contact me for rates at Maryfinn.photographer@gmail.com

Or on any of my social media which is listed below!

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