Courses I currently teach at the MBA level include Motivation and Negotiation.

I also offer workshops on Team Dynamics, Negotiation, Crisis Management, and a variety of General Management topics.

Courses I've taught in the past include Crisis Management, Managing Team Dynamics, Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Management, and Organization Theory.

I've been formally recognized at five universities a total of ten times for excellence in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Pedagogical publications:

  • Waller, M.J., Lei, Z., & Pratten, R. 2014. Exploring the role of crisis management teams in crisis management education. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 13: 208-221.
  • Waller, M.J., Sohrab, G., & Ma, B.K. 2013. Beyond 12 Angry Men: Thin-slicing film to illustrate group dynamics. Small Group Research, 44: 446-465.


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