MARVEL Junior Retreat 3-6 July 2017

Now that the MARVEL site visit is completed let's get ready for some fun gathering!!

As with the tradition of MARVEL retreat, this year's retreat is planned to take place in another scenic location near Lugano at hotel Paladina (

Changing the tradition from a conference-like setting to a more informal work-together environment, we plan to have less talks and instead more working sessions/interactive/social time. Besides giving time for the existing collaborations to work on their projects, we want to create the opportunity to start new collaborations.

Therefore, please think about where others could help you with your project or where you could be of help to someone in the MARVEL community. Maybe you are an experimental person searching for someone to do specific simulations for you, or you are a computational specialist who would like to know about experimental conditions that are relevant to your simulations/calculations? Or you have a general method with which you could 'serve' others? Then it would be great to hear about it.

Also, if there is anything you wish your colleagues from another field were aware of, it would be great if you can prepare a short briefing on this. For example, experimental constrains the simulationalists seem not to know of, or possible computational help the experimentalists are not using.

Don't forget your swimsuit (the hotel has a pool) and a pair of good shoes etc, we plan to have some hiking.

Please follow the links on the top right corner to register. There are no contributed talks!

For further questions please contact

"The Marvel Junior Retreat 2017 brings together young researchers from physics, chemistry and material science research groups working within the Swiss National Science Foundation's National Centre of Competence in Research on "Materials' Revolution: Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials" (NCCR MARVEL)."


This event is sponsored by NCCR MARVEL. Participation is free for the members of MARVEL and invited speakers. Transportation, extra night(s) stay at the hotel, meals and activities outside of the official program must be covered by participants.