Martin W. Licht

S.E.W Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

University of California, San Diego

mlicht [at] ucsd [dot] edu

Office 5880E


  • Complexes of Discrete Distributional Differential Forms and their Homology Theory, Found Comput Math (2017) 17: 1085-1122. [Arxiv] [Journal]
  • Smoothed Projections over Weakly Lipschitz Domains. Math. Comp. 88 (315), 179-210 [Download] [Arxiv] [Journal]
  • Smoothed Projections and Mixed Boundary Conditions. Math. Comp. 88 (316), 607-635 [Download] [Arxiv] [Journal]
  • Higher-Order Finite Element De Rham Complexes, Partially Localized Flux Reconstructions, and Applications. Submitted. [Download]
  • Poincaré-Friedrichs Inequalities for Complexes of Distributional Differential Forms. With Snorre Christiansen. Submitted. [Download]
  • Geometric Transformation of Finite Element Methods. With Michael Holst. Submitted. [Download] [Arxiv]
  • On Basis Constructions in Finite Element Exterior Calculus. Submitted. [Download] [Arxiv]
  • Smoothed Projections over Compact Riemannian Manifolds. With Snorre Christiansen. In Preparation.


  • On the A Priori and A Posteriori Error Analysis in Finite Element Exterior Calculus. PhD Thesis.[Download]
  • Smoothed Analysis of Linear Programming. Diplom thesis in Computer Science.[Download]
  • Discrete distributional differential forms and their applications. Diplom thesis in Mathematics.
  • Domain Distribution for parallel Modeling of Root Water Uptake. Proceedings 2010, JSC Guest Student Programme on Scientific Computing, 2010. [Link]


  • Finite element exterior calculus
  • Structure-preserving numerical methods for partial differential equations
  • Partial differential equations over manifolds
  • Numerical linear algebra