Prof. Dr. Martin Nerlinger

University of St. Gallen

School of Finance, s/bf-HSG (Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance) and FSI-HSG (Center for Financial Services Innovation), Assistant Professor

Swiss Finance Institute, Faculty Member

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Research and teaching focus:

Climate Finance

(among others: master course "Climate Finance" and research papers "Carbon Risk", "Carbon Liquidity", and "Green or die trying? Carbon risk integration into portfolio management")

A new development is a fact: we are experiencing a transition towards net-zero in the economy. Therefore, any policy and regulatory decision-making process related to carbon and especially transition risks need a consensus on the facts. Every affected company and asset manager needs a strategic management and reporting approach their carbon risk. This is where I focus my research on supporting the transition process. I am a co-developer of a new holistic approach ("Carbon Beta") to quantify, manage and report carbon risk for all financial assets. In addition, I analyze and seek to improve the effectiveness of financial and carbon markets. And based on my research, I am always interested in testing the latest climate finance concepts in various applications with different stakeholders.

Sustainable Finance

(among others: master course "Sustainable Investing Challenge" and research papers "Assessing the Sustainability of the Business Model: Firm Governance Using the Sustainable Value Creation Framework and Its Measurements", "You never know the value of water before the well runs dry - The impact of Sustainable Development Goals on firm value", and "Will the DAX 50 ESG establish the standard for German sustainable investments? A sustainability and financial performance analysis")

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