Prof. Dr. Martin Nerlinger

University of St. Gallen

School of Finance, s/bf-HSG (Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance) and FSI-HSG (Center for Financial Services Innovation), Assistant Professor

Swiss Finance Institute, Faculty Member

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Research and teaching focus:

Climate Finance

(among others: master course "Climate Finance" and research papers "Carbon Risk", "Carbon Liquidity", and "Green or die trying? Carbon risk integration into portfolio management")

A new development is a fact: we are experiencing a transition towards net-zero in the economy. Therefore, any policy and regulatory decision-making process related to carbon and especially transition risks need a consensus on the facts. Every affected company and asset manager needs a strategic management and reporting approach to carbon risk. This is where I focus my research on supporting the transition process. I am a co-developer of a new holistic approach ("Carbon Beta") to quantify, manage and report carbon risk for all financial assets. In addition, I analyze and seek to improve the effectiveness of financial and carbon markets. And based on my research, I am always interested in testing the latest climate finance concepts in various applications with different stakeholders.

Sustainable Finance

(among others: master course "Sustainable Investing Challenge" and research papers "Assessing the Sustainability of the Business Model: Firm Governance Using the Sustainable Value Creation Framework and Its Measurements", "You never know the value of water before the well runs dry - The impact of Sustainable Development Goals on firm value", and "Will the DAX 50 ESG establish the standard for German sustainable investments? A sustainability and financial performance analysis")

Sustainable finance aims to channel financial resources towards projects and activities that have a positive impact on the environment and society while also achieving financial returns. By integrating sustainability considerations into investment decisions and processes, sustainable finance can help address societal and environmental challenges while creating long-term value for investors. This, in turn, enables impact by providing funding for initiatives that have a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment, helping to create a more sustainable future. In my research, I shed light on such investment opportunities where impact can be achieved. I am also currently collaborating on the development of a concept for sustainable value creation, which should make it easier and, at the same time, provide investors with a more holistic approach to finding impact opportunities.

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