I Have To Say...

September 13th, 2019

There are so many things to be sick about, frightened of, horrified over in these trump years that it's difficult to keep track of all of it.

These dark times are responsible for the despair and hopelessness and insanity that brings us to our knees-- mentally, spiritually, and physically. Our citizenry is being made physically ill as a result of all the stressors raining down on us. It isn't only the flu causing people to vomit their meals, suffer insomnia, night sweats, aching backs and stomachs, migraines and inflamed joints. Our nation is suffering mortal blows to its people. We suffer a loss of ethics, morals, basic humanity, clean water, breathable air with all of those things and more being taken from us daily and it is killing us.

I promised myself at the New Year that I would only ponder one horrible thing per day happening in our country (and on the planet) and try to act on it somehow. It's impossible. The horror of the trump regime, the insanity of his refusal to accept science, his dissolute life and actions being accepted and encouraged and aped by his base--it's all too much for the human bodies and souls of good people to take.

Being active, resisting the evil that is eroding us during trump times, can only do so much. Most of us haven't the money to donate large amounts to the poor and the suffering so we write letters and call our congress people and write emails, march when we can, carry signs when we can, wear our ideas on tee shirts. Those actions are SOMETHING after all.

For those of you doing what you can, thank you.

You are appreciated, loved, respected.

For those of you too mentally/physically depressed to do anything, I understand. Of course you are!

Trump supporters: if you don't see the tragedy unfolding around all of us, including yourselves, I can't think of anything that will move you to change your attitude to the evil that is trump, the trump family, the trump attempt to annihilate all that is good and decent about our country, our planet.

I beg and invite you to VOTE the trump fascist regime out of office in the coming elections. I believe that our votes may be our last and only chance to save ourselves and the planet.