Teaching Interests

I am interested in teaching undergraduate courses in:

  • Social Problems
  • Intro Sociology
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Poverty, Affluence, and Inequality
  • Research Methods
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Urban Sociology
  • Intro to Latin America
  • Nations and Nationalism

I am interested in teaching seminars in:

  • Development & Globalization
  • Migration & Transnationalism
  • Immigration
  • Social Change in Latin America
  • Cuban Society: Past & Present
  • Qualitative Methods

Teaching experience


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S., Department of Sociology, 2018 & 2019

Methods of Sociological Inquiry, Department of Sociology, 2011 & 2012

Foundations of a Liberal Arts Education, Chadbourne Residential College, 2017 & 2018

McGill University

Sociological Inquiry, Department of Sociology, 2009

Teaching Assistant

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Survey of Sociology [Intro.], Dr. Alice Goffman, Department of Sociology, 2013

McGill University

Classical Sociological Theory, Dr. John A. Hall, Department of Sociology, 2008

Sociological Inquiry, Dr. Lucia Benaquisto, Department of Sociology, 2008

Environment and Society, Dr. Madhav Badami, School of Environment, 2008

Development & Underdevelopment, Dr. Donald Von Eschen, Department of Sociology, 2007

sAMPLE MATERIALS from courses taught

SOC.134_SP19_Syllabus_Kunovic-FINAL to upload.pdf
Grading Rubrics-Soc134_Sp19-FINAL.pdf
Soc.134_Sp19_03_Classification and Measurement-web.pptx


I consider mentoring an important aspect of my role as a scholar/educator, and have sought out opportunities to mentor or advise undergraduate students and youth about their academic and professional development. I have a special interest in serving first-generation and minority students.

Mentoring experience

Teaching & Mentoring-related Professional Development

In order to better serve my students as both a teacher and a mentor and to create an inclusive and enriching learning environment, I have sought out and participated in the following training sessions:

On diversity, equity & inclusion

On safety & well-being

On teaching strategies

  • Writing Across the Curriculum Training (required to teach designated writing-intensive courses), Writing Across the Curriculum, UW-Madison, Sept. 23, 2013
  • Teaching Assistant Training, College of Letters & Sciences, UW-Madison, September 1, 2011
  • Teaching Assistant Training, Department of Sociology, UW-Madison, August 29, 2011

Teaching Evaluations

On motivating students

"I didn't think I would like methods, but this class showed me how fascinating and exciting it is to conduct research...I learned a lot and am confident that sociology is the major for me!" -Student, Methods of Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), UW-Madison

"She has done a very good job to engage me in a topic that I otherwise find completely boring [research methods], and has managed to keep class morale up through what I've seen as a tough set of lectures. She somehow makes this class semi-interesting, which is a huge testament to her teaching style and classroom presence." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), McGill University

On classroom engagement

"Martina did a great job initiating interactive and exciting conversations about the material each week this semester." -Student, Survey of Sociology (TA), UW-Madison

"She tries very hard to get everybody involved, explains materials clearly, overall a perfect teacher." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), McGill University

"...always lets students speak, and give everybody a chance to ask questions during lectures." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), McGill University

On clarity

"Her lectures were so organized and her detailed power points really helped me follow along in class and understand even the difficult topics we covered!" -Student, Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), McGill University

"Very clear and precise in her conferences. She explains well so that confusing material becomes easily understandable." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (TA), McGill University

"Extremely helpful. She made material that seemed somewhat difficult extremely clear. She was a good discussion leader and was very helpful and approachable. Probably the best T.A. I have ever had for a course in terms of her abilities and grasp of the subject matter." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (TA), McGill University

On approachability and availability

"I have never had a teacher come close to Professor Kunovic's availability. She was entirely devoted to the class & it showed."-Student, Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), McGill University

"Professor Kunovic always made herself available. She seemed interested in our concerns & always made sure the material was clear before moving on." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), McGill University

"This professor dedicated so much of her time to help and meet with students. She had weekly office hours but she was around after every class in case we had any questions and she would make appointment for anyone who could not make it to her office hours. She was also very efficient at answering e-mails and welcomed any sort of question via e-mail"-Student, Sociological Inquiry (Instructor), McGill University


"Very knowledgeable. Really good discussion leader. Provides good examples of material. Tries to make material relevant and understandable in real terms rather than just providing pure theory." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (TA), McGill University

"She is so good! Each time she came prepared with slides, did a great presentation, stimulated discussion, wanted our participation, and she even moved her office to a new location to make herself more accessible to us." -Student, Sociological Inquiry (TA), McGill University