Martin Schreiber Biography

Written by Carla Pally

Martin was born on 6th of June 1957 in Wängi, canton Thurgau, Switzerland.

He grew up with a brother and a sister, both younger than him.

Education :

- Primary school from 1964 -1970 in Wängi.

- Secondary school from 1970 – 1973 in Wängi.

- Apprenticeship as FEAM (Fernmelde-, Elektro- und Apparatemonteur).

During his apprenticeship he worked in various departments, one of them being the strip-line lab where he was responsible for the manufacture of Dünnfilm-Hybridschaltungen (thin film hybrid circuits?) for applications in the micro wave sector, and for supervision and optimization of the processes required for this purpose.

In a narrower sense this means manufacture of masters for printed circuits, manufacture of masks using the photo-etching method, and PCB assembly. Furthermore he assisted with electric testing of the circuits.

- After completion of his apprenticeship, Martin became self-employed.

- In spring 1979 he moved from Zurich to Kaltbrunn, canton St. Gallen, where he installed his own lab.

- In spring 1989 he buys an about 100 years old house in a neighboring village named Rieden, and we moved in with our tomcat.

- In his new home, Martin continues to develop and design electronics for prototypes by order of third parties.

Such products are for example:

Schnellschreiber for a tool making company.

Stellantrieb-Steuergeräte (control devices) for ventilation in the field of building technology.

Electronics for electronic auto darkening welding helmets

Messinstrumente (photometers) for measuring of turbidity of liquids.

He counsels and supports his customers for various projects thanks to his high knowledge of physics.

He also, with great enthusiasm and perfectionism, designs and develops other user software like:

- computer software for blind people which is equipped with a language simulator.

- software called MSETop for address administration.

- Bookkeeping software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), he names this software "HkH" (short for "Handwerker's kleines Helferlein"), this name is inspired by Disney's Gyro Gearlooses (in German: Daniel Düsentrieb) assistant who is called little helper.

His largest (and also his last...) project was the invention of MSEide and MSEgui , the project started in 1999.

Martin also had great mechanical skills, for example he built a spinning wheel for me, we spun and dyed wool with natural dyes from plants; he built a handloom, repaired all kinds of broken appliances, built a synthesizer and an amplifier for radio reception.

He played saxophone, transverse flute and guitar, as a teenager he was playing in a band. And he mastered many other things.

He led a very modest life. In summertime he never wore shoes, he was always walking around barefoot.

He liked to wear hand-knitted sweaters, he ate with chopsticks, Martin loved to work in the garden where he cultivated potatoes and vegetables, after work he liked to barbecue on the self-made garden grill.

Martin was humorous and always ready to help, he didn't own a car, he got around mostly by walking or riding his bicycle, he much cared about future generations and therefore he tried to keep his lifestyle as ecological as possible.

Nine years ago, Martin experienced first health problems, fortunately he recovered from them.

Sadly however he fell ill again in spring 2018, and although there were signs of amelioration and I was full of hope that everything would turn out fine, he unexpectedly died of a cardiac arrest on November 29, 2018.

I will always remember this date as one of the saddest days of my life.