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We have a job vacancy at Marsworth Preschool. We are after an administrator. To find out more about roles, responsibilites and salary, read the two files linked below.

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Why Marsworth Preschool?

Marsworth Preschool is a very popular and successful village preschool with an outstanding reputation, run by a volunteer committee and backed by parents. We hold morning and afternoon sessions five days a week, Monday - Friday. Our exceptional staff work very hard to create a caring, stimulating environment in which your child will be encouraged to develop and learn through play.

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The Facilities

The Main Hall

Marsworth Preschool is fortunate to have access to three different areas for the children to use during their time with us. The main hall, the quiet room and the outside play area. This enables us to create individual spaces for the children to experience a range of environments and activities in.

The largest, and most frequently used room is the main hall. Each session begins in this light and spacious space where, after registration, the children enjoy ‘free play’ being able to make use of all the different activities, games and equipment prepared for them for that day. Dance and movement, snack time and lunch club are also held in the main hall.

Outdoor Play Area

Our outdoor play area gives the children essential time to experience energetic physical play in a safe and secure environment. We have a large selection of outdoor toys ranging from sandpits and water play to bikes, hoops, tricycles, balls and a wendy house.

Quiet Room

The quiet room is always available to the children in case they need a less stimulating environment or those that would like a quiet place to enjoy a book or just some time out. Towards the end of each session all the children are invited into the quiet room to enjoy a selection of songs, rhymes and stories together. We also encourage children to bring an item of interest from home so we can share a ‘show and tell’ experience as a group.

Your Children

Children learn from the examples set by people around them. Through our own working practices we aim to show the children at Marsworth Preschool the codes of acceptable behaviour, turn taking, sharing, negotiating and trust. Our philosophy and aims are as follows:

  • We are a totally inclusive setting, welcoming all children and families.

  • We fully embrace each child as an individual.

  • We work in partnership with parents to create a clear path of progress.

  • Our play-based approach gives children confidence & independence.

  • We encourage good behaviour through clear concise explanations, consistent care, praising & by example.


The safety of your child is paramount to us. We adopt a thorough recruitment procedure to ensure we employ Practitioners of the highest quality. All staff receive regular Paediatric First Aid and Child Protection Training. They are also part of our internal Continuous Training Programme which ensures any relevant new legislation or methods are regularly implemented. Further details on this important issue can be found in our Policies page.


We want your child to be happy with us. We believe this is achieved by ensuring they feel safe and secure with both Practitioners and their peers. We adopt a settling-in procedure where we work to each child’s individual needs until they feel totally settled with us. This could be using resources which your child enjoys, or building a strong relationship with the key worker which eventually progresses into positive relationships with peers.


We believe this initial introduction into your child’s education must be positive. By learning through enjoyable play, children will embrace their future, structured learning opportunities. We offer all children planned activities which are tailored to their individual stage of development. Our Practitioners will work with your child’s strengths and interests in order for them to progress in the seven areas of learning within the EYFS.

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