Marshall Alston holds many notable achievements throughout his life, education, community work, and professional career working as a Human Resources Consultant as well as a board member and mentor with NBCS helping individuals to become their best selves personally and professionally.

Personal Life

Marshall Alston lives a happy and fulfilling life with his family in a small neighborhood. Throughout his life, Marshall Alston has been grateful for all of the memorable experiences he has had while growing up. Some of his fondest memories come from his grade school years when he attended the Newark Boys Chorus School (NBCS). NBCS is an independent school focusing on advancing the lives of young men through music and education. During his time at NBCS, Marshall Alston learned a lot about hard work, community, and leadership. He has since taken these experiences with him throughout his life and professional career. He is now a member of the board of directors at Newark Boys Chorus School continuing to spread and promote their core values and mission.

Marshall Alston - Newark Boys Chorus School

Marshall Alston - Cornell University


Beyond Newark Boys Chorus School, Marshall Alston has gone on to complete his education earning honorable titles and recognition at prestigious universities.

Beginning his college career, Marshall Alston attended Ramapo College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1992. Here, he studied Law and Society and graduated cum laude. Years later after establishing his professional career, Marshall Alston returned to school to complete his Masters degree. In 2015, he graduated from Cornell University, earned his Master of Business Administration.

Professional Career

Marshall Alston has established a long and successful career as a Human Resources Consultant for 25 years. During his time he has gained valuable experience about all facets of HR from strategic business planning, to labor and employee relations management, to team leadership and mentoring, and beyond.

His long and exciting career began in 1992 when he took on the position as a Field Operations Coordinator. From there, Marshall Alston began to take on numerous other roles gaining experience and becoming Director of Labor Relations in 1999. Just a few years later in 2001, Marshall Alston took on his current role as Vice President of the HR Department. As VP he is responsible for managing and directing all human resource activities for the company that includes a staff of over 1200 professionals.

Because of his great knowledge and success in HR, Marshall Alston is often called upon as a motivational speaker in a variety of business settings related to professional development and employee engagement.

He is also a member of the Society for Human Resource Management where he is able to connect with other professionals in HR and collaborate on new innovative ideas and strategies to implement for his company. Marshall Alston is excited to continue to grow his reach and knowledge in human resources to continue his success and inspire others to do the same.