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Preserving Texas Dark Skies

Welcome to the M.A.R.s. Foundation site:

During the next few months as we learn new site skills you will see many changes, the first is a supporter list specific to the Lake Colorado City Dark Sky Project. We are encouraging Residents of LLC and the surrounding communities to submit their information on this page. This is an effort to demonstrate our unity and to give voice to that commitment.

Any and all information collected will be used only by the foundation and will not be shared in any form outside foundation projects.

Please take time to look the site over, while we are focused on Texas and local projects the participation in national and international dark sky efforts are expanding and will continue, M.A.R.s. Is now and always will be committed to preserving the night for all.

We are new to the dark sky effort the demands and cost of continuing and expanding all depend on your generosity, we need your support and donations to further our efforts, so please give what you can, any contribution helps more than you know, a lot of supporters giving just a little make a huge difference, it's not about amounts or quantity it's about the effort.

If you want to make suggestions use our email, someday soon we will have an open forum for all our supporters to meet and share ideas. Everyone here is learning, with your support things will just get better. SO go down this page watch the video to start and hit that donate button!

It would be reasonable to expect we are all concerned with the environmental issues we now face, so why all this ado about darkness? For starters, 80% of Americans have never seen the Milky Way! Why? Because we are wasting huge amounts of energy on unneeded and abusive lighting policies, both private and public. There are currently several organizations, national and international, working to educate and find workable solutions to this problem. M.A.R.s. takes on a smaller set of goals locally to help obtain a dark sky designation for the Lake Colorado City State Park. This park has numerous things making it a good location. Foremost, it is bordered by small rural communities with small populations and therefore less light pollution. The park is located within easy travel to Interstate Highway 20, a major East to West connector for the United States. The park is situated in a central position within the USA at good latitude and exceptional climate. This opens it up to a great many Americans and tourists who appreciate an unpolluted view of our universe, not to mention a wonderful way to escape it all! With an effort to teach and offer incentive programs to local merchants, power companies and residents, it would be easily doable to bring the area to a Bortle scale of 3.

Our second, more ambitious, project will be to locate and obtain a real estate site in the central West Texas area as a permanent park, very much like federal and state parks with accommodation for 100 individual sites. The location will qualify on the Bortle scale as a 1-2. We are proposing a green site with close to zero environmental footprint that is energy self-sufficient with independent resources for water and waste disposal. Once operational, the site will be self supporting via small usage fee and donation and will remain for all time public and non-profit.

After we have a functional expanded website, all the aspects of these projects will be kept current and open to forum conversation and all documentation available to the public. The M.A.R.s. Foundation will endeavor now and always to be energetic and transparent.

As earthlings, we all have come to realize and appreciate that great things have small beginnings.

We thank you very much for your time, consideration and support.

Comments or suggestions: marsobservatory360@gmail.com

M.A.R.s. Foundation

BR McLean (agent/organizer)