Lodge Announcements

Willing to spend themselves in the service of others

The State of the Lodge

I would like to look back at this past year, and honor those who have made exceptional service, but I would also like to look forward at the future of our order. Our order is going through many changes, the biggest one, is the inclusion of the BSA's other programs. In February of 2019, Sea Scouts and Venturers will be eligible for election into our wondrous order. As a lodge, we are prepping and have been readying ourselfs to bring on this new era of our order. This will be a chance for something new in the Order of the Arrow and Marnoc Lodge. I welcome our new brothers and sisters with open arms, and look forward to helping them succeed in our Brotherhood of Cheerful Service.

The State Of Inductions

This upcoming years induction season is going to be more than a turning point for the lodge, but a revolution of the way marnoc does ceremonies. Under the approval of the LEC, the ceremonies will start using props and permanent structures, which will be implemented this upcoming year, to enhance the experience of those going through the ceremonies. The permanent structures installed include four statues of the four principles represented in the ceremonies, A statue of Netami Lekhiket, the brotherhood guide, will also be made. These statues are being made by donation of Ray Doll, long time member of the OA. There are also new candelabras being made, along with a wooden sash rack, instead of using rope. The use of scrolls and staffs will also be implemented. We are also hoping to increase induction rates, and strengthen our ordeal to brotherhood conversion in the upcoming year. I look forward to our future in Inductions.