Learn by Fasting, Sacrifice, and Self Denial

You should have received a letter telling you which Ordeal you have been scheduled for, what the cost is, what to bring (and not bring) and when to arrive. See below for answer to these questions and more. If you did not receive this letter, please contact our Vice Chief of Inductions and his Adviser

Your election is the first step in your induction into the Order of the Arrow. The next step will be the Ordeal. The Ordeal is a 24-hour test of your strength and will. The Ordeal is not a test to see if you are worthy for membership in the Order. By being elected by your unit, you've passed that test already.

The Ordeal is a 24-hour intensive leadership development exercise designed to demonstrate to the candidate the values on which Scouting and the Order of the Arrow are based. After completing the Ordeal a Scout becomes a member of the lodge and is entitled to seal his membership through the Brotherhood Ceremony. Candidates should select a date when they can complete the entire Ordeal without interruption. If the candidate chooses the week that he is at camp he will not be released for merit badges or troop responsibilities.

There is an intermediate step between the election and the Ordeal called the Callout. The Callout is the only public ceremony that the Order runs. During the Callout, we publicly recognize your election to the Order in front of your troop, your family and your friends. This takes place every Wednesday during formal retreat. If you are going to be called out you need to be at the Ad Building Picnic Shelter at 7:45 PM to be sure that your name is on our list, especially if you are going to be called out during a week in which you are not at camp. It is important that every unit has someone on hand -- preferably their Troop Rep -- with a list of Ordeal candidates from their troop. Your Scoutmaster has more information about how to check in for the Callout, please contact him for details. You do not need to be called out. It is an optional part of the process. You may also be called out after you've taken the Ordeal (if you take your Ordeal before your week at camp, for example). The timing of your Callout is entirely up to you.

Ordeals are run from Wednesday to Thursday night during Summer Camp and Friday to Saturday night before Week 1 and after week 5 of Summer Camp. You will be expected to be in attendance for the complete Ordeal, so you will need to schedule an Ordeal when you have no other obligations. You will not be able to take time off for Merit Badge classes, Troop Duties, Baseball games, or other distractions. Sorry, but you'll be busy.

Ordeal Check- For all Ordeals this year Ordeals candidates must check-in no earlier than 7:00 PM and no later than 8:30 PM at the Dining Hall for Ordeal 1, and the Baden Powell Pavilion for Ordeals 2,3, &4. Ordeals occurring at Camp Stambaugh should check in between 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM at Brown Pavilion. If candidates are not attending camp the week of their Ordeal they must bring a medical form with parts A & B filled out.

During the Ordeal you will be expected to do physical labor, this may involve lifting, walking, reaching and other strenuous activity. If you are physically incapable of performing these activities, please contact the Ordeal Master, we'll make adjustments according to your abilities.

Things you need (and don't need) to bring: You'll need to pack for about exactly 24 hrs. You'll need to carry what you bring so pack lightly and properly. What you bring is up to you, but here's a brief list of things that you should remember...

You'll need to pack for about exactly 24 hrs.You'll need to carry what you bring so pack lightly and properly. What you bring is up to you, but here's a brief list of things that you should remember...

- Complete, current BSA Medical Parts A & B

- Sleeping Bag

- Ground Cloth(s)

- Rain gear

- Shower Kit

- Work Clothes

- Sunscreen/bug spray

- Full Field Scout Uniform (Class A)

- Water Bottle

- Work Gloves

- Prescription Medicine in original container

- Pack to carry this in

- Ordeal Fee, see information below

Some things you should NOT bring would include portable electronic equipment (like iPods, video games, cell phones, etc.), sheath knives, matches, and tents. In general, if it's bulky, dangerous or time wasting, you won't need it.

The Ordeal fees are $50 for 2019. This covers the cost of supplies and the cool stuff you get in your Member Packet. Some units require the scout to pay; others cover the cost from the unit budget. Please do not pay at the council office or at the camp office. Please pay at check in time for your Ordeal. If you are worried that you cannot afford the Ordeal fee, we have a scholarship program that will cover some of the cost if you are eligible. Please contact your Scoutmaster for details.

If you are coming to camp specifically for the Ordeal. You'll need to be sure to be available for Check-in on Friday at the Dining Hall by 7:00.

The Ordeal will be finished at 11:00 PM on Saturday. Please make arrangements to be picked up by the dining hall, which is accessible via the service road. You will not be allowed to remain for the Ordeal if you do not bring a valid, signed class II medical form with you.

While there are no secret ceremonies in Scouting (in accordance with National Policy) we HIGHLY DISCOURAGE nonmembers from attending ceremonies, as you may be going through it at some time in the future. Pictures of any kind are not permitted during ceremonies, but may be taken afterwards at the feast in the dining hall. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this, please contact Lodge Adviser Jim Boyd, at adviser@marnoc.org well in advance of the ceremony to discuss