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Professional Development Plan

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Instructional Technology Services

The Instructional Technology Department promotes the 21st century skills needed to effectively create, communicate, collaborate, and think critically. We encourage our school community to use current and emerging technologies to improve and expand their teaching and learning in and away from school. Our Technology Coaches work with administrators, teachers, and students to develop pathways to personalized learning through the various digital programs, tools, and resources throughout the district.

The following trainings and services are provided by our district technology coaches:

Smartboard training

Learn the skills you need to operate the basic features of a SMART Board and the SMART Notebook software. This session will cover the basic features offered by the Board and how to quickly integrate this software into everyday classroom use. Teachers will also learn how to locate and adapt SMART Board lessons crafted by other users to quickly enhance classroom learning.

Instructional Technology Coaching

ITC is a prevalent method of deploying on-going professional development for teachers, with a specific focus on the integration of technology into both the curriculum, as well as the method of instruction.

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Google Apps training

  • Google Drive: Learn how to maneuver in Google Drive. You will learn how to create, upload, share files with Google Drive.

  • Google Docs: Learn how to create, edit, share, and print documents with Google Docs.

  • Google Forms: Learn how to create, edit, share, and print forms with Google Forms.

  • Google Sheets: Learn how to create, edit, share, and print documents with Google Sheets.

  • Google Slides: Learn how to create, edit, share, and print documents with Google Slides.

Assessments Tools:

  • Kahoot- Game based learning platform

  • Quizizz- Free gamified quizzes for every subject to play in class and at home. Pick an existing quiz or create your own for review, formative assessment, and more.

  • Quizlet- easiest way to study, practice and master what you’re learning. Create your own flashcards or choose from millions created by other students.

  • MasteryConnect- Allow teachers to effectively assess core standards, monitor student performance, and report student mastery to parents and administrators.

  • Google forms-

Chromebook training and management- teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to manage their classroom with Chromebooks. This is imperative to teachers due to the fact that students have the world at their fingertips and Chromebooks have been integrated into their lives. These professional developments will help teachers change their pedagogy.

Microsoft Office 365 training:

  • OneDrive

  • Word- full-featured word processing program for Windows and Mac from Microsoft.

  • Exel- A full-featured spreadsheet for Windows and the Macintosh from Microsoft.

  • PowerPoint- presentation graphics program for Windows and Mac from Microsoft.

  • Outlook- Microsoft's emailing service and personal information manager. It includes a PIM, calendaring, to-do list, and groupware functions.

Educator’s Handbook- is an online discipline referral system where teachers can write up major and minor incidents.

Power Teacher Pro- includes robust functionality for managing the classroom, including advanced features for both standards-based and traditional grading.

Destiny-Follett Destiny Library Manager is a complete library management system that allows librarians and administrators keep thorough, real-time track of a library’s inventory and media assets and gives students a fun means of discovery and reading.

PowerSchool-provides an innovative, K-12 education technology platform fueling operations, classroom, student growth, and family engagement. Teachers are able to utilize PowerSchool to input grades and parents have access to view them.

Learn 360-Infobase is an educational solutions company providing digital reference content to the school and library community. Learn360 also has a wide variety of videos to help students engaged with learning.

SC ETV-South Carolina Educational Television is a state network of non-commercial educational television stations serving the U.S. state of South Carolina. They provide training for Google Classroom, PBS, and digital literacy.

Enrich- Enrich is a web-based application where teachers can go and view students' scores on state and local assessments.