Mark Yee

Below are over a dozen art reviews and thoughts others have had about my art. I am seeking writers, journalists, art critics to offer their perspectives.

-- Mark

contact: markyee2138@gmail.com

"… The third place award for the Elmhurst Artist Guild show at the Elmhurst Art Museum goes to Mark Yee. [his] artwork is built up. It has many different colors throughout this piece. I really strive to have this kind texture in my paintings as well. I enjoy the composition - that blue splits [the canvas]. I love the way the line really separates the piece. I love it."

--Philip Herrold, CEO and Director of Operations for the Enclave Project

"Mark Yee is a stylish and polished ex-financier who makes larger-than-life, cloudy, abstract paintings in mixtures of acrylics, chalk and oils. His hilly, three-dimensional pieces are reminiscent of landscapes."

--Megan Anderluh | Chicago Weekly Newspaper print edition

"...these works revolve around the theme of nature, the systems within it, and our impact upon it."

--Black Cloud Gallery, Chicago

"Black Cloud featured artist, Mark Yee, an abstract specialist. His colors meld and layers evoke the rawest of elements yet possess a human quality rarely seen in abstract works. Mark has shows all over the city to rave reviews."

--Black Cloud Gallery

"Yee, once taking pleasure in the business practice of data mining, or looking for underlying meaning in a series of seemingly unconnected numbers, now takes pleasure in creating abstract paintings with similar underlying secrets. Mining his paintings takes the audience on a journey through the work’s layers, allowing the viewer the opportunity to try and dissect the artist himself."

"My favorite part about your paintings is that you don’t have these drips focused in one direction. They flow from both the top and the bottom of the piece and seem to meet in the middle."

--Kate G. | Black Cloud Gallery Press

"The abstract work of Mark Yee uses color palettes that one may find in nature. To me, his work resembled a precious stone or patterns made in sand or by rippling water."

-- Lydia H. Shepard | windy city art happenings

"In a world filled with numbers and graphs, Mark made his way telling a story visually in formalized displays that informed his future and current work.

Now his his story telling is conveyed on the canvas, crafting a layering of colors and forms that when drawn back create a new tale. A line makes for its own image, a scrape through the layers makes its own place in a way that is new to Mark and to the audience.

After Mark’s first show in 2011, it didn’t take long to gain a bit of traction in the local scene where he’s had numerous gallery shows."

--Devin Shea, Curator, Southport G Gallery

"Art Exhibit and Artist Talk by Mark Yee"

"In the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep or Ram. And although sheep are often considered gentle and calm, these battle worn rams are anything but. Yee's abstract paintings inspire those who feel worn down, to persevere and emerge stronger for the next fight."

--Harold Washington Library

[His] process involves creating layers and layers of texture and color. Portions of the canvas are obscured, and other parts of the canvas are scraped away. It's an obsessive cycle. In the end, these layers are only meant to be uncovered or slowly reveal themselves to the viewer and artist alike."

--Chicago Public Library, Lincoln Belmont Branch

Art Exhibit and Artist Talk

"There is that art that is meticulously planned, sketched, worked through and essentially 'never done'. Our newest featured artist lets the art happen, making it kind of surprise and shared experience for everyone - sound like your thing? us too, let us welcome Mark Yee to our walls."

--Devin Shea | Curator | Southport G Gallery

"Mark Yee's paintings are autobiographical. A first generation Chinese American, he lived a life scripted by others and by the expectations of those around him.

He ran his life according to those scripts and real picture of him was buried beneath. In a similar way, his paintings have dozens or hundreds of layers of paint, with the core layers buried beneath the surface. Yee scrapes and sands the surface to free the colors from below."

--Chicago Public Library, Edgewater Branch

"A professional in finance until recently, Mark Yee sees his work as a natural outgrowth of the communication tools he used in former field.

"When I worked in the field of finance, I used lines, shapes, colors and symbols to visually convey stories about the data I analyzed.

About 8 years ago, I took this storytelling to the next level and started putting color, lines and shapes on canvas."

--Chicago Public Library, Clearing Branch