other stuff

Photoshop ActionsWhere my skills in production come to find use in more esoteric creative endeavors.


A Photoshop action that takes an existing digital photo and manipulates it to have the appearance of a photo taken with the legendary Holga camera.
Download the Fauxlga action - Learn more about the Holga
TumblrWhere I sometimes put my professional photo editing skills to completely nonsensical use.

Don Draper's Next Pitch

The genius of Sterling-Cooper contemplates the next big thing. Maybe kittens.

Tiny Tom Araya

The front-man of the band Slayer made very small.
PhotographyI don't consider myself a professional by any means, but I I'm definitely a visual thinker and cameras often help me realize that.
MusicThis is the other thing I do. Although I do own the branding and do all the design work for these projects as well so...

Mark Schlipper

Solo project largely centered around guitar.

The Luna Moth

The 'rock' band.

Perish the Island

The 'other' band.

Model 563

Solo project using obsolete non-musically intended devices.

Sound Madrona

Solo project that's computer created and beat centric.
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