other stuff

Two Meat DesignGame design is a recent endeavor of mine.Two Meat Design on The Game Crafter 


My flagship game of robot construction and destruction.  Illustrations by Caleb Kempson

Remedial Chaos Theory

A combination of old school mechanics and new school thinking. 

Culann's Hound

A reimagining of an old Viking game that predates chess.

Fate's Path

A card based version of runic divination.

Photoshop ActionsWhere my skills in production come to find use in more esoteric creative endeavors.


A Photoshop action that takes an existing digital photo and manipulates it to have the appearance of a photo taken with the legendary Holga camera.
Download the Fauxlga action - Learn more about the Holga
TumblrWhere I sometimes put my photo editing skills to completely nonsensical use.  

Don Draper's Next Pitch

The genius of Sterling-Cooper contemplates the next big thing. Maybe kittens.
PhotographyI don't consider myself a professional by any means, but I I'm definitely a visual thinker and cameras often help me realize that.
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