design & production

T-MobileSenior Designer, 2015-2020

Using a lifestyle photo with a TV, phone, or tablet, I created a style of module that we ended up using for our Netflix partnership in multiple ways.   The screen of the device would show an animated loop of multiple flagship shows, while the rest of the imagery remained static. 

One of the first few T-Mobile Tuesday promotions.  We took advantage of the one-day lifespan of these promos and tried to create unique, attention grabbing work.  This one in particular had a trickle down effect and I became the go-to guy for low-tech GIF animations around the site and to this day am known as the "Laser Cat" guy.

Mother's day landing page.

A page dedicated to the launch of a new device.  Eventually using user testing to determine what works and templatizing our approach.

A net-new program that required an email and page design to highlight new tech from independant producers.

Process and Photoshop action to efficiently produce a large number of images for the launch of this project.

Template and process for effecient creation of product images

GIF animation created from a static photo to promote a speaker line.

I like cats.

(also this was used as a header on one of our holiday pages)

Filter DigitalVisual Designer, 2012-2015

Examples of work for Filter with explanations used as promotion of their services on their website

Photo editing work for HTC with the challenge of placing a UI screen in a device in a way that looked realistic, but was still recognizeable.

Microsoft / ZuneDesigner & Production Art Lead, 2006-2012

Photo editing and layout for artist backgrounds.  The metal bands with long hair were the toughest.

Signature artist page involving layout, photo editing, and grapic element creation.

"You make it you" t-shirt design.

I was asked to create a version of the Zune Marketplace with curated artists that could be used on a touch screen kiosk in places like airports.  People could select an artist, and freely download a selected track to their device while reading up on them.  

All the TransientsFounder, Designer, 1994-presentAll the Transients on Threadless 

All the Transients is the label I self-release all my music under.  Aside from album art design, I also use that name for the merchendising aspect of my music.

Cumulus Music FestivalFounder, Curator, Brand Design, 2008-2012

Cumulus was a music festival I created with a couple friends.  I was the primary designer for all collateral and the website.  My approach to listing bands was admittedly somewhat controversial.

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