positively afrocentric

Mark Anthony Is An ArtistA Commercial ArtistGoogle Voice number253 32 7 1135

I create Afrocentric content, designed and licensed for digital distribution and imprinting on consumer products.

My Work

My work is positively Afrocentric and grounded in the history of my people.

I draw my inspiration from the strength and resilience of Black Women throughout the ages. I honor the roles they embraced as the mothers, sisters,wives, daughters and friends.

I love her physical features and form.

I love the way she speaks and what she says.

I pay tribute through my images.

Kool Aid five cents

life long learning

A self-taught Artist from Seattle, Washington. I Believe that a learner should be at the center of their learning. Learning is an endless process. My art is the means by which I bring my thoughts and artful machinations into fruition.

All images are copyright protected , reproduction is prohibited.

Sisters in Silhouette on Safari

The process is more important than the Painting. I am never bothered by not finishing a piece. In fact I may revisit a piece and make changes years later, or destroy it because I now know better and can do better. As my thoughts change so changes my expression of imagery without artificial limitations of time or materials. I do not care to sell my originals paintings and most of the print series I produce are limited edition.

Made by me

I produce my own prints, writing journals and art cards in my home studio. I control every aspect of production, from idea conception, artistic development and digital reproduction. I am very conscientious of the quality of my work product.


For sometime now I have been focused on silhouettes . I accept that "Design"is the logical selection and arrangement of visual elements for order and interest. This being the case, I create Visual Elements like Egyptian hieroglyphs. I place these Visuals into a set to tell a story. My silhouettes are phenotypes for the many manifestations of Eve of Eden. The mother of every woman of the diaspora.

How I Work

I love the feel and look of water colors, I inter mix them with acrylics paints to increase permanances. I use water based dyes to concentrate the color and tempera paints to increase opacity.

I like the ecology of water based colorants and natural fiber based substrates.

I remember mama's fingers in my hair.