Me and My Guitars

above: Pierre and I at Hilderstone, with my Encore Ovation copy.

right: a photo of me (really) from the last century, with a nice Fender bass.

In my mid-teens I was playing timpani in the school orchestra and I joined my first “group” as a drummer (two toms and a cymbal borrowed from school). However, it wasn’t long before I’d taken up guitar, moving on to bass guitar as soon as I could afford to buy one (I think it cost ₤20), soon after friends had swelled the ranks of the Sunday afternoon group to form a real band (see Bandography).

In the 80s I got into solo home recording and did most of this using the various keyboards available on a small budget at the time. I spent a short time playing keyboards in the Hilderstone band, but I’m not a good enough player to perform live, so nowadays it’s back to guitar and bass. However, I returned to keyboard input for home recording with the release of the wonderful Garageband (which used to be part of Apple’s iLife suite, probably the best software package on the planet, now an app in its own right).

On the left below, an example of this home recorded music, a track entitled “Could have been BP’s Needles”; on the right, my favourite track by the Record Players, “(You’re Never Alone with a) Grand”, written by Phil Martin, with me on lead guitar and final comments. Click on the respective icon below the pictures and the player will open in a new window.