My experience of using computers

At home as entertainment, at school for enhanced handouts and stuff for the board, at home and abroad to manage finances and many other everyday concerns... the benefits using computers bring to my life are many. To see details of how to download my first iBook, pop back to the Home page.

Apart from the administration tasks I carry out at Hilderstone College using Windows, I spend quite a lot of time producing teaching materials, at school and at home, in the past printing things out, but increasingly keeping the documents electronic for display in the classroom (and available for all on the network).

On the Mac I use Pages and Keynote for page-based docs and presentations respectively, and on Windows the programs of choice are Word, PowerPoint and Xara Xtreme (Pro 4), this last being used to produce PDFs and Flash movies (some of which are part of this site). Since it became available cheap on the App Store, I’ve increasingly been using Pixelmator for graphics.

In the past I did some programming, mainly amateur, but also as assistant programmer on a project at Churchill House School. We were using Pascal in those days (the 80s) and though I left before the project was completed, I gained valuable experience.

Probably my most satisfying creative computing work was done in partnership with Tania Bianchi in the 90s on the Studio Bianchi & Addison site. The major part was hers, developing into her current site; my sections were on the internet and on learning English, which can still be viewed on the web.archive site

Before I retire completely, I’m hoping to experience significant changes in the possibilities for using computers in class. Interactive whiteboards accessible from students’ laptops, faster cloud computing, even greater use of video - I’m looking forward to it all.

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