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Welcome to my personal web site

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Well, a personal site should be something that develops, like the person “ensited” (excuse me if I feel free to develop some new vocabulary throughout this site - you won’t find “to ensite” in the dictionary). So I’ll set down my plans for this site, started in January 2009, and you can watch it develop.

The primary aim is to create an online résumé, an electronic CV, to serve also as a general biographical page (or three). Music must be here, too, with downloads of some of my tracks, and my experience with Computers. And I want to do a bit of evangelizing for Apple, especially as this site was originally produced using iWeb (as well as lots of other Apple programs). It's disappointing to relate that Apple have now dropped iWeb, leaving the field open for me to choose Google Site.

Plus, it can be a way of pushing my iBooks. If you’ve got an iPad, or a Mac running OS 10.9 or higher, try them... they’re free (click on the picture to go directly to the iTunes site):