Other Projects


"NIGHT of 21 HOURS is a modern collaboration. An exercise in which Mark Schlipper channels his thoughts and feelings into compositions which his computer then translates. NIGHT of 21 HOURS evokes feelings associated with this last year of disease, uncertainty, anxiety, and loneliness. "

Sound Madrona

"The primary sonic elements ... swap back and forth and layer in various combinations to create an ever-shifting, propulsive work that wouldn’t sound out of place should it end up on the soundtrack of a Lynch or Cronenberg film. I know I’ll be cranking this tune on my next late-night drive to fulfill some unholy obligation or other, which I’m sure is just as the artist intended. "

Model 563

The Luna Moth (inactive)

"...harnessing a crushing majesty that nearly rivals that of Om and early Earth."

Perish the Island (inactive)

"Perish the Island’s “My False Sense of Power” is a 21-minute exercise in slow-burning fury."

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