Marisa Dallas


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Marisa Dallas, Freelance Writer and Editor

I'm Marisa.

Hi! Welcome.

I'm a creative writer and I look forward to our collaborations. Literature is my lifelong study, though I'm also scientifically curious. As the ultimate chemical metaphor, I feel that following molecules in a reaction is akin to putting words and ideas on a page. There's a flow, a bonding and a transformation. Fascinating!

Professional Memberships

I belong to and support the Burlington Writers Workshop.

I'm proud to be a director on the board of Island Arts since October, 2022.

I review manuscripts for the Mud Season Review.

While located in Idaho, I belonged to and supported The Cabin Idaho - A Center for Readers & Writers and the Idaho Writer's Guild.

experience & education

Special Interests

A short course to study T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land through the Community of Writers in 2022.


Two Bachelor Degrees in the Arts and Sciences

  • B.S. in Biomedical Sciences

  • B.A. in English & American Literature

My Resume

This gives a broad idea of my writing chops but if you need examples, please visit my portfolio page.

Most recently, I'm proud to contribute to Truity's Personality Type Blog. My work focuses on the works of Carl Jung and Myers & Briggs. With the support of a fantastic editor, I'm able to incorporate research, creativity, and personal experiences into my articles.

Marisa Dallas 2020 Resume.pdf